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Integrator Announces Editorial Advisory Board PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Weeks   

Integrator Announces Editorial Advisory Board

Summary:  While production of the Integrator is basically a one-man shop, the network which wires me into news and ideas is broad. The hard-copy Integrator for the Business of Alternative Medicine and its predecessor (1997-2001) had an editorial advisory board, and I realized that the mission of the Integrator Blog News & Reports would benefit through constituting such a multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder group. I am pleased and proud to have these leaders associated with the Integrator mission and volunteering themselves to help me see, understand and, where useful, help organize around the issues and opportunities that are emerging.
- John Weeks, publisher-editor

Integrator Blog News and Reports Editorial Advisory Board

My Comments on the Advisers   The brief descriptions below do not begin to honor the work histories and professional contributions of these individuals. I focus instead on their work which led me to ask them to assist the Integrator in this capacity. Where I have found a more extensive bio for each, I link you to a site that provides you more information. Some have already appeared in these pages; if so, I provide links to those articles. Quite a group. A lot of history!

Peter Amato
Peter Amato
Founder, Inner Harmony Group

Peter founded an early integrative clinic, Inner Harmony Wellness Centers, in 1997 in the area around Scranton, Pennsylvania - which must be one of the most challenging regions of the country for integrated care.  He and his teams persevered, shifted their business models, and found their way into the black. Meantime, from early on,  Peter recognized the policy needs in creating a movement around this new medicine, serving in a variety of capacities, including working closely with Andrew Weil, MD in founding the National Integrative Medicine Council among other roles. Recently he has focused on building Inner Harmony Group, which has a
four-pronged business model: integrative clinic operations and consulting with others, programs in recovery and addiction services, "integral education" programs in the schools and a newer line of corporate consulting.

Sita Ananth, MHA
Sita Ananth, MHA

Director, Knowledge Services, Samueli Institute
Past-Director, CAM, Health Forum/American Hospital Association

Sita was working inside Health Forum, the for-profit arm of the American Hospital Association, in developing top quality leadership programs for health system executives when the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) opportunity broke onto the scene in the mid-1990s. Then phenomenon had already burst into her life: she and I share that we are married to the mob (that is, to licensed CAM providers). We got to know each other as she began integrating and assembling programs to teach on this new subject. She also took the lead in survey of hospitals on CAM inclusion (see related Integrator article).  She writes or finds a guest author for a regular column in the AHA's Hospitals and Health Networks electronic magazine (see a sample here). Each year Sita produces the annual Integrative Medicine for Healthcare Organizations Conference, the 5th of which takes place on April 12-14, 2007. (For information, click here.) You can contact her at

David Barnes, PhD
David Barnes, PhD

Director of Research & Development, Standard Process*

David came to supplement manufacturer Standard Process, an Integrator sponsor, from a mainstream nutrition research background at University of Wisconsin-Madison. His transitional path between these two worlds is instructive as he engages his work responsibilities at Standard Process include developing and managing their research lab, and taking the lead in some unusual community building initiatives with local and national conventional and CAM educational institutions. David and I had a chance to be part of a team working on a distinctive CME project on nutrition, reported here.

Bill Benda, MD
William Benda, MD

An ER doc who pioneered in the integrative medicine residency program at the University of Arizona, Bill has recently focused his integrated health activity on creating collaboration between holistic medical doctors, holistic nurses and naturopathic physicians.
He is a former medical director for the National Integrative Medicine Council with a strong interest in policy. Bill has a passion for the kind of organizing in the field which might lead us, through combined action, to make more of a difference. He writes a column for Integrative Medicine. Bill's perspective on the sense of pressure and responsibility felt by an ER doc as compared to that of an integrative practitioner was included in this Your Comments article.

Clem Bezold, PhD
Clem Bezold, PhD
Clem Bezold, PhD

Founder and Chair, Institute for Alternative Futures

In 1978, Clem's then young organization of futurists sponsored a meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on an emerging trend in health care - "alternative medicine." Through contact with one of his associates, I personally participated as the CAM speaker in another Rayburn House Office Building IAF-sponsored session on healthcare trends, in June of 1993. I finally met Clem in 1998 when he was involved in sponsoring another such session, after IAF had published two studies on the future of chiropractic and of CAM. His work with scores of organizations and agencies connects him to leadership and strategic thinking along the entire array of health and medicine. He served as facilitator on two of the Integrative Medicine Industry Leadership Summits. A particular interest now on which the Integrator has reported is IAF's Disparities Reducing Advances Project with which a number of integrated care interests are involved. Clem has been a mentor in many ways - including the suggestion that I develop a blog-form for my work when I returned from sabbatical. For more on Clem, click here.

Christine Choate, DC, PhD
Christine Goertz, DC, PhD

Vice Chancellor, Palmer Center for Research and Policy
Past Program Officer, NIH NCCAM

Christine has a savvy, insider's sense of the CAM-IM research universe and the politics involved. She has learned through leadership roles inside chiropractic, then as a program officer for the NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and now as deputy director for one of the leading research institutions in the field, the Samueli Institute. We first connected around our shared interests in exploring cost issues surrounding CAM integration. Her work with the NIH included serving as program officer for their first health services initiative. We had a chance to work together on a panel related to the politics of research at the 2002
Integrative Medicine Industry Leadership Summit. Christine's perspective was very useful on an Integrator article on possible threats to NCCAM.

Milt Hammerly, MD
Milt Hammerly, MD

Vice President for Medical Operations and Integrative Medicine, Catholic Health Initiatives

I first became aware of Milt's work in 1997 when the founders of American Whole Health were trying to organize a national network of branded clinics. Milt was the medical director of the second of the clinics. At odds with the venture capital-backed pressures the clinic began to face, Milt transited out of that zone and into not-for-profit hospital care as an early, hospital-based integrative medicine leader. That pioneering position led eventually to his position in the 19-state Catholic Health Initiatives health system. Milt has learned to think and present integrative medicine strategically into the hospital mind. His work linking CAM with patient-centered, or, as he prefers, person-centered care, is particularly useful. Milt was featured in an Integrator article on medical deaths. and a second on the first-year success of the 100,000 Lives campaign.

Bradly Jacobs, MD, MPH
Bradly Jacobs, MD, MPH

Integrative Medicine Director, Cavallo Point Resort

Brad's work in integrative care has included a mix of public and private initiatives. He was the clinical leader in creating the integrative services associated with the Osher Center at the University of California at San Francisco. Throughout the economically excited CAM years - which coincided with the dot-com craziness - Brad also had a hand as a researcher and project developer in a couple of venture capital initiatives.
(Somehow, he always found time to surf.) His research work around Yoga therapy recently brought us into contact again. When word began to come out that Brad was up for a position with the intriguing Steve Case-led Revolution Health, the fit seemed good. Brad had help a group at the Integrative Medicine Industry Leadership Summits craft a statement of Design Principles for Healthcare Renewal which included the need to have a "thriving industry of health creation." The Integrator featured Brad's appointment to his Revolution position here.

Clyde Jenson, PhD-Pharm
Clyde B. Jensen, PhD-Pharm

Continuum Biomedical Consultants, Inc.

"Those who are educated together, practice together." I'd asked Clyde to be the clean-up hitter for the 2000
Integrative Medicine Industry Leadership Summit. This statement was among his powerful closing comments. It had special depth from a man who had held executive-level positions in schools of naturopathic, osteopathic, allopathic and acupuncture and Oriental medicine. He seeded my own, later work with Lucy Gonda and the Integrated Healthcare Policy Consortium to help get rolling the National Education Dialogue to Advance Integrated Health Care: Creating Common Ground. We also have in common that we were each non-NDs who devoted periods of our professional lives to advancing the naturopathic medical profession. Clyde continues to get himself involved in a variety of interesting healthcare initiatives. For more on Clyde, click here.

Michael Levin
Michael D. Levin

Founder, Health Business Strategies

Michael is a cross-over professional. His business insights are deeply steeped in conventional pharmaceuticals and medical technology, formed through a first career which included a stint as a vice president with Baxter Healthcare. For most of the last decade, Michael has held executive positions with natural products companies including Tyler Encapsulations and Cardinal Nutrition. He has a passion for the development of the integrated health care industry, seeing that if people aren't making much money that growth will be slow! Michael has been quite useful on both natural product quality issues and on the potential cost savings from better integration of natural therapeutics. The Integrator included some of his insightful comments on product quality issues here. For more on Michael, email him at

Bill Manahan, MD
Bill Manahan, MD

Co-Founder, American Board of Holistic Medicine
Past-President, American Holistic Medical Association

I was aware of Bill Manahan's pioneering work in organizing the field of holistic medicine (MD, DO) for nearly two decades before I had a chance to personally benefit from his wisdom. That moment came in early 2005 when we were both involved with a retreat of educators. His perspectives on what we need in medicine and healthcare are all the more powerful for the diversity of his experiences in practice and medical education for the last 40+ years. The Integrator has benefited from his commentary - including a widely read opinion piece stimulated by the PBS/Bravewell New Medicine show and another a
reflection on hospitalization.

Carla Mariano, RN, EdD, AHN-C
Carla Mariano, EdD, RN, AHN-C

Past-President, American Holistic Nurses Association
Former Associate Professor, Coordinator of the Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse Practitioner Program, Division of Nursing, New York University,

Carla and I developed a mutual adoration society through our work with the National Education Dialogue (NED) and particularly the multi-disciplinary projects of the NED Values Group. Her strategic plan on how to shoe-horn holistic nursing principles into basic nursing curriculum is a fine template for anyone seeking to change healthcare education. Carla's background in team-care and collaborative medicine strategies in both hospice care and HIV-AIDS has informed our CAM-IM efforts. She brings links to developments in academic nursing and holistic nursing. For more on Carla, click here.

Will Morris, DAOM, MEd, LAc
William Morris, DAOM, MEd, LAc

Past-President, American Association of Oriental Medicine
President, Academy of Oriental Medicine (Austin)

The last 15 years of the history of the world of distinctly licensed practitioners of acupuncture and Oriental medicine (AOM) has been shaped by a tension between two associations which have had differences on how AOM should define itself. Will and I directly engaged dialogue about core concerns in defining the practice of acupuncture in a world where many professions are looking to add some needling to what they do. He combines great energy to move his guild with a passion for the broader work of integration, whether in education, hospital or community health practice. Will's interest in exploring a the recommendations of Pew Commission on Health Professions competencies-based relationship between the disciplines was reported in this Integrator article. For more on Will, click here.

Keneth R. Pelletier, MD (hc) PhD
Kenneth R. Pelletier, MD (hc), PhD

Ken Pelletier has been a national leader in exploring practical applications of complementary and integrative practices and practitioners. A special focus is on the links to wellness in the employer community. His Corporate Health Improvement Program has, through 3 significant phases over 25 years continuously engaged a group of Fortune 500 employers in developing pilot projects on health, wellness and integrative medicine. The author of the long-time best-seller author of Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer and other books, Pelletier has help clinical faculty positions at Stanford University, University of California at San Francisco and Univresity of Arizona. For more on Ken, click here.

Sheila Quinn
Sheila Quinn

Founding Chair, Integrated Healthcare Policy Consortium

More than 20 years ago Sheila and I were the creative-tension vice presidents at what is now Bastyr University (she as finance/operations, I as external affairs). Sheila's nearly 30 years in the natural health field have taken her deeply into a variety of policy issues involving education, accreditation, practice and research. She has since helped to forge national policy strategies on integrated healthcare for the last decade - most recently through the Integrated Healthcare Policy Consortium (IHPC), which she chairs. The Integrator will inform readers of developments of this group, which has taken a lead in convening, in diverse forums, the many stakeholders in integrated care. An
Integrator article interviewing Quinn about the IHPC is available here. For more on Sheila, click here.

Paolo Roberti di Sarsina, MD
Paolo Roberti di Sarsina, MD

Italian Participant, CAMBRELLA

Paolo Roberti di Sarsina, MD is a leader of complementary, alternative and integrative medicine in Italy. From his position there, he is involved in European CAM initiatives, including hosting the influential March 2011 CAMBRELLA meeting reported here. He also runs a Master Course in Health Systems, Traditional and Non-Traditional Medicine which explores integration in a content of both policy and business. Roberti di Sarsina is of special value to Integrator readers for his continuous scan of emerging literature related to integrative care and related fields. He regularly forwards these to me and they inform Integrator content in various ways. More information about him is available here.

Glenn Sabin
Glenn Sabin

Founder & Director, FON Therapeutics

Board Member, Society for Integrative Oncology

Glenn Sabin is a 20-year cancer survivor who currently serves as a consultant on integrative initiatives. He created FON Therapeutics 
to bring together the world's leading integrative oncology pioneers and stakeholders to design whole systems research under the clinical setting of academia. Glenn has a passion for exploring, developing and then consulting on successful business strategies for integrative clinics and initiatives. He is creating a series of freely available white papers on business aspect of integration. Sabin serves Integrator readers through his eye for emerging developments in the field. He is a rare colleague who shares but a macro-interest in the movement for integrative care and a micro-interest in the specific steps that can make the difference for program operators. Sabin's own blog is here

Richard Sarnat, MD
Richard Sarnat, MD

Co-Founder, Alternative Medicine Integration Group*

When rumor hit in the late 1990s that a new CAM managed care company out of Chicago planned to develop a managed care plan based on chiropractors as primary care doctors (connected to a credentialed network of medical doctors), response was of surprise, shock, outrage, curiosity, or all of the above. When it turned out the company, Alternative Medicine Integration Group had a contract with HMO Illinois in hand, the set of responses deepened. But then when it turned out that the model was the handiwork of an ophthalmologist who was a 30 your practitioner of transcendental meditation, well, I got real interested. Sarnat and his partner Jim Zechman have since developed ongoing outcomes from that model which are truly pioneering in analyzing potential cost-offsets from integrated health strategies. Some of these outcomes are posted in an article on the AMI Group which announced the firms' Integrator sponsorship. For more on Richard, click here.

Jan Schwartz, LMT, NCTMB
Jan Schwartz, MA

Co-Founder, Education and Training Solutions
Past Chair, Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation

"Corporate savvy massage therapist" is not exactly an oxymoron. It is a rarity. Jan may be its exemplar. She's put this combination to good use for her profession, heading accreditation efforts during the critical period in which the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation gained recognition by the US Department of Education. Jan has held a number of additional leadership positions for the profession in the areas of education and standards setting. Jan's present position with a national, for-profit educational company, Cortiva, which has purchased roughly a dozen of the top massage schools in the US, continues to focus on curriculum development and standards. Jan's been providing ideas to the Integrator since the beginning. For more on Jan, click here.

Pamela Snider, ND
Pamela Snider, ND

Executive Editor, Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project

Co-Founder, Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Health Care

Pamela has been a colleague in numerous integrated health-related campaigns, initiatives and outright battles over two decades. A former associate dean of public and professional affairs at Bastyr University, Pamela played critical behind-the-scenes roles in developing (and advocating successfully for) language and policy design that shaped sections of both the NIH NCCAM governing legislation and
the White House Commission report. Appointed to the Medicare Coverage Advisory Committee, she served on a panel evaluating multidisciplinary programs for cardiac care. In the past three years, Pamela and I partnered in the often unpaid and always challenging, frequently frustrating, and deeply satisfying, formation of the multidisciplinary National Education Dialogue and Academic Consortium of Complementary and Alternative Health Care. Pamela also brings to the Integrator experience with education, curriculum development, policy setting and regulation regarding health professions, some of which is captured in this Integrator article.  For more on Pamela, click here.

Tino Villani, DC
Agostino Villani, DC

President and CEO, Triad Healthcare

Tino's contribution as an Integrator advisor could simply be attributed to his experience as a leader of his profession, and now as CEO of an allied health managed care specialty company with a focus on pain conditions. Anyone who read Tino's direct, personal perspective on the influence of third party payment on CAM professional development, and then the later follow-up article in which two ND leaders responded, will begin to understand the full value of his candid perspectives.  I first met Tino and Triad, an Integrator sponsor, when he stepped forward quickly nearly 10 years ago when some of us began to look at the potential for beginning discussion and
association-like action among the growing set of CAM management businesses toward finding ways to manage CAM benefits which respect the full value of the services. His vision has always been inclusive, and supportive of collaboration.  For more on Tino, click here.

Veronica Zador, RYT 500
Veronica Zador, RYT 500
Past-President, International Association of Yoga Therapists
Vice President, Yoga Alliance

Shortly before the June 2005, onsite meeting of the National Education Dialogue to Advance Integrated Health Care, I fielded a call from two people from two Yoga organizations who were interested in the meeting: Veronica and John Kepner, the IAYT executive director. Yoga is grappling with many issues faced by emerging and traditional world medicine as they encounter the conventional payment and delivery system. Might Yoga have something to learn from the meeting and experiences of the other CAM disciplines? Veronica attended, contributed significantly, and continues to do so in other NED work. She, John and I subsequently developed the IAYT-sponsored Integrator series on the Future of Yoga Therapy, which we hope has been a source of reflection for leaders of all the disciplines (see the introductory article here).
Through both NED and Integrator processes, I have come to to value deeply the wise practice which Veronica brings to these dialogues.

Ira Zunin, MD, MPH, MBA
Ira Zunin, MD, MPH, MBA

President, Global Advisory Services
Founder, Hawaii Consortium for Integrative Health Care

Ira's triple degrees speak volumes about his value to the Integrator. Ira uses them all in the various facets of his work. His base of operations is a successful 15+ practitioner integrative center, the Manakai O Malama clinic, on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. An unusual feature of the clinic is a relationship with the state of Hawaii's Blues plans to explore cost savings through integrative rehabilitative care. Through his consulting business, Global Advisory Services, Ira has worked with clinics, resorts and healthy living developments internationally to inlay integrated care principles in practice. (See related Integrator article.) The Hawaii Consortium is unique, nationally, for bringing all of a state's stakeholders in integrated care into continuous relationship. Ira and I had a chance to work closely together 2001-2002 in an en employer-managed care working group which was pursuing strategies to better understand the cost dimensions, and make a cost case, for CAM-IM approaches. For more on Ira, click here.

Note: An honorary member of the Integrator Editorial Advisory Board is Lou Sportelli, DC, whose advice I will continue to seek, whose commentary I will continue to publish and whose confidence and support as the Integrator's first sponsor allowed me to get rolling last spring.

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