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Brief Notes: Leadership Shift at Bastyr, 16th Wright-Gaby Seminar, Media, Holistic Coaching, plus .. PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Weeks   

Brief Notes: Leadership Shift at Bastyr, 16th Wright-Gaby Nutrition Seminar, Holistic Health Coaching/Linda Bark, Wayne to Osher/NESA Position Open, Media Watch (Washington Post, Townsend Letter, Newsweek), plus

Leadership Transition at Bastyr University

Joseph Pizzorno, ND, Bastyr founding president
In a letter last month to the Bastyr University community, Bastyr's founding president
Joseph Pizzorno, ND, announced his resignation from the Bastyr board and from his role as Senior Advisor to the President. he has held these positions since he stepped down from 22 years in the presidency in 2000. (He retains his President Emeritus title.) In the letter, Pizzorno pledged his strong support for Bastyr's current president Dan Church, PhD. The move was apparently due to concern of some Bastyr board members, which to all accounts did not include Church, that Bastyr has been beset by "founders syndrome" - an institutional challenge in moving on when the founder steps aside. The concern was apparently sub rosa for a time, despite Pizzorno's efforts to be in-service to the sitting presidents. (Pizzorno has been busy with other projects, including founding SaluGenecists  and serving as editor-in-chief of Integrative Medicine.)
Bastyr president Church: entering his second year
Yet Pizzorno's presence in the field, as author, speaker, visionary and institution-builder may simply have weighed more, to some, than his efforts to not get in the way of his successors. (In truth, were the grantors of the Bravewell Pioneer Awards willing to consider contributions from across disciplines, Pizzorno's leadership in credible, science-based natural medicine would certainly merit a 2007 award.)

Meantime Church, given good on-the-job marks by all observers with whom I have spoken, enters his second year deeply engaged with his new office. In an early interview with Church on the Bastyr website, Church affirms that he was attracted to Bastyr in part for its "
qualities of a 'movement' rather than just an 'institution.'" Bastyr's policy, research and public affairs focus which fulfilled on such movement responsibilities - part of founder Pizzorno's vision - have lagged in recent years. It will be interesting to see how the institution's external affairs will shape up in the Church era.

16th Wright-Gaby "Nutrition Therapy in Medical Practice"
Seminar: January 25-28

Image One of the first modern signs of appreciation for the value that food and nutrition can have in health was that given by the original Prevention magazine owners, back in the 1970s, with monthly columns by Jonathan Wright, MD. Wright and his colleague for 33 years, Alan Gaby, MD, began growing a data base of nutrition-related articles from medical journals, which now numbers over 50,000, from which their teaching is culled. Together, the Wright-Gaby Seminars became perhaps the best attended nutritional training for medical doctors and other health practitioners. According to Gaby, over 2,600 health practitioners have attended. On January 25-28, 2007, the Wright-Gaby Seminar, Nutritional Therapy in Medical Practice will be held in Las Vegas. One wishes that NBC's Robert Bazell, who lambasted supplements recently (see below), would attend the meeting. Curious to hear what his views on the value of "alternative therapies" would be at the seminar's end.
For information on the seminar click here.

Linda Bark, PhD, RN
Holistic Nurse Linda Bark, RN, PhD, Expands Holistic Training of Health Coaches

Even among the complementary and alternative medicine professions the importance of working deeply and patiently with patients and clients to make the changes which will be best for their health often takes back seat to procedures and testing. Linda Bark, RN, PhD, is part of a subset of the growing coaching movement. She applies holistic principles to the coaching of individuals, and to the coaching of coaches.
Bark, a charter member of the American Holistic Nurses Association, and her team have just kicked off her new venture, AsOne Coaching. The firm offers coach training targeting nurses and health educators. Programs are typically offered partly onsite and via telephone. For more on AsOne, click here.

Implosive Factors in the Supplement Industry

In the midst of writing up the article last week related to NBC's science correspondent Robert Bazell blasting the supplement industry, I received a stream of notices from natural products maven Loren Israelson which make one feel, well, icky, about the bottom-feeders in that industry.  In the course of 4-5 days, Israelson sent his list notices of an FTC campaign against manufacturer overclaims on diabetes-related supplements, a defense of a pro-athlete for taking banned substances which was based on the athlete's assertion that the manufacturer slipped the substance into a legal product, and a jailing of a manufacturer for juicing his supplements with a conventional pharmaceutical agent. Together, they amount to a ghoulish pep rally to support Bazell's final solution of offing NCCAM. I post this on Halloween. Trick or Treat.

NESA's Wayne to Harvard, NESA Research Position Open

AOM researcher Peter Wayne, PhD, has taken a faculty position at the Harvard Medical School Osher Institute where he will serve as director for Tai Chi research programs. He expects to oversee a portfolio of clinical trials and basic research on tai chi, as well as to support their AOM programs. Payne is leaving his position at the 
New England School of Acupuncture (NESA) where he has worked for seven years ... In related news, the position of director of research is open at NESA. NESA's research department has been a robust operation - involved in 11 clinical research trials, awarded over 4 million dollars in research grants, collaborated with several institutions including Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Children's Hospital Boston, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Tufts School of Medicine. In 2003 NESA was awarded a multi-year developmental center grant in acupuncture research by the NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.  For information, click here.

Media Notes: Newsweek on Hospital Crisis, Washington Post on an Employer Trend, Townsend Letter on National Education Dialogue

Image Newsweek
joined Time magazine (May 1, 2006) and Business Week (May 27, 2006) in running a feature on the challenges hospitals have in limiting medical deaths. The feature is entitled "Fixing America's Hospitals." 
Newsweek's editors cast a positive light by focusing on best practices as evidenced by selected hospitals. These led in areas ranging from information management to healing environments. Complementary and alternative and integrative medicine were notably absent from the article, as such. There was mention of massage, for family members, and attention to the healing context. Highlighted also was the the 100,000 Lives campaign led by Don Berwick, MD, PhD and that conclusion about our care which is always deeply discomforting:
"Are you lucky if you live in a (region where surgeries are performed most frequently)? Not necessarily. Landmark studies showed that high use did not mean better quality of care and outcomes. In fact, for many measures, quality and outcomes were best in the low-use areas and worst in the high-use areas. The less, the better."

For the October 16, 2006 article, click here.

ImageCandace Campbell brought to my attention a Washington Post article entitled "A Prescription for Workers' Health: Employers Open In-House Clinics to Trim Costs and Boost Preventive Care" (October 9, 2006 - for the article click here).
ImageThe article notes that "a quarter of Fortune 1000 companies are expected to have on-site clinics by the end of next year, up from the 15 percent or so that have them now." Campbell suggests that going straight to employers may be an opportunity for integrated health care. The article notes one company contracted to manage these clinics, Cleveland-based Whole Health Management. A check of Whole Health's website found that the firm offers "integrated, customized services" in its mission "is designed to transform employee health from a rapidly growing cost of doing business into a productivity-enhancing tool and competitive advantage" ...

Haramati, featured in the Townsend Letter
Townsend Letter
feature writer Elaine Zablocki focuses on the leadership strategies in transforming healthcare education in her most recent article.
She focuses on the comments of Aviad Haramati, PhD, and meeting facilitator Dale Lick, PhD at the National Education Dialogue to Advance Integrated Care: Creating Common Ground.  The meeting was held at the Georgetown University Conference Center in June 2005. Many will find Haramati's story of how he worked within his Jesuit institution, Georgetown, in growing CAM's presence to be particularly insightful. To view Zablocki's November 2006 issue article, click here.

Call for Papers

The Association of Complementary and Integrative Physicians of British Columbia (ACIPBC) invites physicians and other health professionals to submit proposals for their May 2007 conference. Title is: "Integration: The Best Model for Health Care – Returning to Holism." It will take place at the University of Victoria, in Victoria, BC, May 25-27, 2007. Submissions are due November 30, 2006. For information click here or

Note: The photo of Joseph Pizzorno, ND that appeared here from October 31, 2006, to November 4, 2006 is copyright by Peter Barry Chowka."

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