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Integrator Pot-Pourri: Academic Integrative Medicine, Marketplace, Business, People, Plus ... PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Weeks   

Integrator Pot-Pourri: Academic Integrative Medicine, Marketplace, Business, People, Plus ...

Summary: Bravewell fellowships boost University of Arizona program ... A fall conference bridges "holistic" and "integrative" and promises certification of medical doctors in "integrative holistic medicine" ... Details on the internet-based masters in Integrative Health & Wellness at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey ... 160 massage therapists turn out for Oncology Massage Healing Summit ... Foundation led by a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist seeks to start an integrative inpatient facility in Portland ... Jacobs' work at Revolution Health now includes a regular blog ...  Natschke and Mittman receive top awards from their professional associations ... plus Mayo brings in speaker on rituals in healing, and more ...
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Image1.    Bravewell Clinical Fellowships Boost Importance of Weil/Arizona Program

A recent notice from the Bravewell Collaborative, an organization of philanthropists involved with integrative medicine, boasted of the 51 "clinical fellowships in integrative medicine" that the organization has awarded. The recipients of the fellowships will be from academic health centers. Each will receive some portion of the roughly $30,000 tuition to attend the associate fellowship program of the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. One outcome of the Bravewell program will be to more significantly establish the PIM associate fellowship, directed by Victoria Maizes, MD and founded by Andrew Weil, MD, as the standard for training of academics in the integrative medicine field. The merging field of integrative medicine has been notable for a lack of a defining standard of training.

Co-sponsoring with the American Board of Holistic Medicine
   2.    Regarding "Integrative Holistic Medicine" - The ABHM/Scripps Conference

Speaking of standards in integrative medicine training: the other most significant credential is certification as a holistic doctor through the American Board of Holistic Medicine (ABHM). For the second year, the ABHM is teaming with Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine to sponsor a conference, October 28-November 1, 2007. The conference also doubles as a training for individuals who wish to sit for ABHM's board certification test. The exam is administered directly after the conference.
ABHM integrative medicine credentialing
Co-sponsoring with Scripps
The Scripps link is a coup for ABHM, which has sought to bridge the gaps between the old-line holistic MDs and the emerging integrative medical doctors. The outcome was the declaration last year, by this group, of an emerging specialty of "Integrative Holistic Doctor." The ABHM site does not yet show signs of becoming an "ABIHM" site - with the "I" for "Integrative" inserted.   

:  I was pleased to see this development, which I missed last year. The nearly all MD program of the conference stimulates one comment, but a nagging and important one. The mission of "integrative medicine" includes reference to the importance of knowing how to work with "other healthcare professionals and disciplines." The principles of holistic medicine include language which stresses the importance of "integration of healing systems" and knowing about "all healing systems." Yet the program features no presenters from the distinctly licensed healthcare professions. One might assume that this mission and these principles would be advanced with some incorporation of practitioners of other disciplines. Does the certification in "integrative holistic medicine" require that these physicians know anything about other practitioners?

3.    UMDNJ Offers Web-Based Masters in Integrative Health and Wellness; Seeks Program Director

Interested in a web-based Masters' degree program in Integrative Health & Wellness? The Institute for Complementary & Alternative Medicine (ICAM) at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey has announced that it is offering a fully-accredited program with this title through its School of Health Related Professions. The program
is designed for those health-related professionals seeking to further their knowledge of evidenced-based complementary and alternative medicine. The schools has developed a useful FAQ that can be accessed by clicking here. ICAM is seeking a program director for hte program. Questions about the course or prorgam can be directed to Lynn Miller, Director of Education, ICAM, at 973-972-8648.

The Integrator covered this news earlier. I return to share a look at what is viewed as constituting such a "mastery." Here is the course breakdown:
MSHS Core Courses (12 credits)

Data Analysis and Interpretation I, 3credits
Health Services Issues and Trends, 3credits
Evidenced-Based Literature Review, 3credits
Research Methods, 3credits
Specialization Required Courses (9 credits)  

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Seminar, 3credits

Integrative Treatments for Common/Chronic Conditions, 3credits
Integrative Health Coaching and Self Care, 3credits
Elective Courses (6 credits) 

Integrative Nutrition, 3 credits

Herbs and Dietary Supplements, 3 credits
CAM Journal Club and Independent Study in Research and Writing, 3credits
Mind/Body Medicine, 3 credits
Ethical Issues in Health Care Practice, 3credits   

Graduate Project (3 credits) 

Graduate Project OR IDST6989: Graduate Clinical Project


The UDMNJ initiative in integrative medicine is led by Adam Perlman, MD, MPH. The program is distinguished among the 38 programs that are part of the Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine by its shared sponsorship across diverse UDMDNJ schools. Perlman brings a seasoned integrative clinical background to his work, based in part on developing and running a pioneering integrative clinic at St. Barnabas Hospital - an institution known to Soprano's aficionados. The new program is housed in the UMDNJ School of Health Related Professions.

4.    160 Massage Therapists Attend First Oncology Massage Healing Summit

An article by Tracy Walton, LMT in Massage Today (August 2007) described the first gathering of "Oncology Massage Healing Summit." The conference was held at Mercy College of Northwest Ohio in Toledo, Ohio. The article reported that Gayle MacDonald and Tina Ferner "dreamt up the notion" of a conference in this area. MacDonald is the author of Medicine Hands: Massage Therapy for People with Cancer and Massage for the Hospital Patient and Medically Frail Client. Ferner coordinates the Integrative Therapy Department at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. The article is can be accessed here.  Proceedings and some sessions are can be accessed here

5.    Group Seeks to Develop Integrative Hospital Near Portland, Oregon

The Chitari Foundation, led by Satya Ambrose, ND, LAc and three other women is attempting to fundraise capital to create an integrative inpatient and outpatient center near Portland, Oregon. The Integrator was contacted by Tom Messinger, by a naturopathic medical student at National College of Natural Medicine. Chitari is Nepalese for "meeting place." The foundation is "dedicated to establishing an integrative medical, education, and sustainable healing community" that will "promote the healing of the individual and of the planet." The group envisions that an organic farm and a community farmer's market will be on the premises. The visionary plan also includes community education programs and a focus on sustainability.
The website did not indicate whether it has yet proved to be a meeting place for

Revolution health, Bradly Jacobs, MD, MPH, blog
Bradly Jacobs, MD, MPH
6.    Jacobs Begins Blog at Revolution Health

Integrative medicine leader Bradly Jacobs, MD, MPH is a senior medical director for Revolution Health. For months, Jacobs has been writing a newsletter called Natural Dose. More recently, Jacobs, an Integrator advisor, began a blog for Revolution. He sent me this note:

"Most of you know that I left UCSF last fall to move to Washington DC to assume the role of Senior Medical Director at Revolution Health Group.  In addition to my other responsibilities, I have been asked to start a BLOG and the “Natural Dose” newsletter – each offer commentary on recent health-related news/research, and practical strategies for living well whether you are focused on wellness, disease prevention, or managing a condition.

"I value each of your opinions greatly and therefore would be honored if you would read my blog (comment and rate it!), and subscribe to the newsletter."

Jacobs' blog is typically based on Jacobs' views on emerging science. For instance, the most recent entry on August 29th featured a review article on Yoga led by Ather Ali, ND, MPH, and the integrative medicine group at Yale. An early Integrator article on Jacobs and the Revolution Health initiative, created by America Online founder Steve Case, is here.

Paul Mittman, ND, AANP Physician of the Year
7.    Practitioner of the Year Awards: Natschke for Nurses, Mittman for Naturopathic Doctors

The American Holistic Nurses Association Announced early this summer that Mary Natschke RN, BAS, HN-BC, was named holistic nurse of the year. Natschke was, according to an AHNA statement, founder and manager of St. John Hospital's Healing Arts Center in Detroit. The Center, which opened in 2000, provides complementary and alternative therapies and classes for patients, employees, physicians, and the community. Natschke also practices diverse therapies. Meantime, the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians named Paul Mittman, ND, as their physician of the year. Mittman serves as president of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, in Scottsdale, Arizona and as president of the American Association of Naturopathic Medical Colleges. He has repeatedly traveled the US in support of naturopathic licensing efforts.

Jeannine Walston
8.    Miscellaneous

Guidepoints, the monthly newsletter of the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, has announced that a new edition of a "one-stop resource" for acu-detox research is available. The Guide to Acupuncture Detoxification Research is a 66-page booklet made available through J&M reports. 888-276-9978. The booklet, which covers all research published since 1993, is based on articles previously published in Guidepoints  ...  Jeannine Walston, a former staffer for the NCCAM Clearinghouse, the NCI and for members of Congress has relocated to San Francisco where she has begun a public relations firm, Healing Focus. Walston spent last year back in Germany undergoing experimental cancer treatments ...   One sign of the advance of integrated care was the decision of Mayo Clinic, bastion of their own brand of evidence-based medicine, to welcome Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD as a speaker at their "Spirituality Grand Rounds." Mehl-Madrona, part Cherokee and part Lakota, spoke on the power of "ritual in healing" according to a notice from the Mayo Spirituality in Healthcare Committee.

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