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Written by John Weeks   

Columns and Commentary from Taylor Walsh

Taylor Walsh
Taylor Walsh

Consultant, Entrepreneur and Writer on Digital Media & Integrative Health
Washington, D.C.

Integrative Health & Wellness Strategies

Twitter: @taylorw

Taylor Walsh is a former
online service entrepreneur and pioneer in social media who presently consults and writes in the integrative health and digital media space. Based in Washington, D.C., Walsh combines two passions that are of immense benefit to Integrator readers. He sees the importance of transformation of our medical system and the value of integrative practice philosophies and model in that process. In addition, Walsh has a good old-fashioned passion for Beltway politics. His coverage of developments at the NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and in the rapid rise of comparative effectiveness research (CER) have proved particularly useful. Here is the assemblage of his commentary and columns.


July 13, 2014

Re-Naming NCCAM: Taylor Walsh Covers Discussion of "NCRCI" at the National Advisory Council for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

The proposed re-naming of the NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine is a powerful cultural moment for the field.
In this article, Integrator columnist and integrative health and medicine consultant Taylor Walsh documents the dialogue on the topic at the June 2014 meeting of the - what may soon also be renamed -  National Advisory Council for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Here are views of Josephine Briggs, MD, Brian Berman, MD, Tracy Gaudet, MD, Scott Haldeman., MD, DC, Dan Cherkin, PhD, and others. Fine job from Walsh. The Integrator comments touch on: the limits of the dialogue since the non-MD "CAM" profession representation has been reduced to 6% of those on the Council; whether "integrative" is a term most recognizable to consumers; and whether "erasing the conflicts" that may come when "complementary" or (heaven forbid) "alternative" is in the title may also be airbrushing our history.

December 7, 2013

Taylor Walsh on Health Affairs-AAMC & Primary Care: Licensed Integrative Disciplines Absent from Workforce Plans

Numerous whole person, integrative medicine and health professions view themselves as primary care. Millions of human beings turn to these practitioners as their primary providers of care when some things is disturbing them. Clearly. Yet in a series of organized activities in November 2013 from Health Affairs and the American Association of Medical Colleges recently devoted themselves to the topic, these disciplines were essentially absent from the discussion. Integrator columnist and integrative medicine and health consultant Taylor Walsh attending the Washington, D.C. briefing on the topic from the two entities. This is his report.

November 10, 2012

Taylor Walsh: ACCAHC, Integrative Health and the Path to Patient-Directed Transformation

 Integrator adviser and columnist Taylor Walsh was a guest at a daylong training to help leaders in integrative health disciplines become better ambassadors for integrative health to the mainstream community. The training was developed by the Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Health Care (ACCAHC). Walsh subsequent reflected on ACCAHC's work and published a piece entitled "Multiple Paths to Patient-Directed Health Care Transformation" in the mainstream Altarum Institute Health Policy Forum. Walsh approved my re-posting it here.

March 12, 2012

Taylor Walsh Reports: Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute Reaches Out With First Funding Imminent

A draft plan is on the books for a major research initiative that many in the integrative practice community believe is potentially more aligned with whole system integrative approaches. The initiative is the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). Integrator adviser Taylor Walsh, an integrative medicine policy wonk, has been tracking this movement since it broke as "comparative effectiveness research." Walsh filed this excellently written report after PCORI's day-long hearing on its draft plan and a PCORI Board of  Governors meeting on which he listed in. I conclude with some possible talking point for your response to the plan as gained through dialogue with colleagues. Click in  here and be heard. 

June 22, 2011

Columnist Taylor Walsh: A response to the Atlantic Monthly's "The Triumph of New Age Medicine"

When Integrator columnist Taylor Walsh spotted the Atlantic Monthly feature by David Freedman, The Triumph of New Age Medicine, he recognized what is certain to be an influential contribution to the nation's debate over medical alternatives. Walsh culls exceptional quotes from Freedman and his subjects on a ride that enters what Walsh calls the Quackadarium and includes Mayo Clinic's integrative care and Brian Berman's center at U Maryland. This Cliff's Notes version of an exceptional article will drive you to read the original. 

May 8, 2011

Taylor Walsh: Report on Meeting with Jeff Levy, Chair of the US Prevention Advisory Group, on "Integrative Health Care"

How "integrative health care" and "integrative health" are understood by the U.S. government is partly in the hands of Jeff Levy. So is understanding of these terms relative to application for Community Transformation Grants. Levy, executive director of the Trust for America's Health, chairs the Advisory Group to the National Prevention, Health Promotion and Public Health Council. The Group has a subcommittee working on definitions on integrative health. This group is supporting development of the National Prevention and Public Health Plan to be released by June 30, 2011. Integrator writer Taylor Walsh met with Levy and asked him about integrative health care. The next Advisory Group meeting, available via WebEx software, is scheduled for May 24, 2011.

April 4, 2011

Columnist Taylor Walsh: March Prevention-Madness in DC and Implications for Integrative Practice

Beltway-based Integrator columnist Taylor Walsh specializes in examining policy changes with an eye on their potential meaning to integrative medicine and health care. In this column, Walsh offers a useful summary of a rash of developments as the National Prevention (and Public Health) Strategy begins to unfold. "Integrative health care" is a new concept right up front in the law behind this $16.5-billion effort. Are there explicit initiatives laid out in these plans? Walsh points to where there may be opportunity. More 

February 9, 2011

Columnist Taylor Walsh Examines Worksite Wellness/Integrative Practice Cross-over

The publication by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation of "Workplace Clinics, A Sign of Growing Employer Interest in Wellness" provided Integrator contributor Taylor Walsh with an opportunity to check in on where this employer movement is crossing over into integrative practices, and to suggest places where the integrative practice movement might connect. Walsh, a Washington, DC-based consultant, entrepreneur and writer, points to a number of potential seams of gold. Anyone capitalized to go mining? More 

November 23, 2010

Columnist Taylor Walsh Reports on Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) in Oncology Summit

The advancing comparative effectiveness research (CER) agenda of the Obama era has been linked to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) since the IOM weighed in on the topic in June 2009. The health reform law specifically included integrative practices and practitioners in CER planning and an integrative care researcher was appointed to panel leading what will be a multi-billion dollar national initiative. Most recently, the NIH NCCAM cites CER interest as a prime mover toward "real world research." The Integrator has followed the evolving story, in part through the fine reporting Beltway-based reporter Taylor Walsh. Here is Walsh's report on the "National Leadership Summit on CER Priorities, Methods and Policy: Transforming Oncology through Comparative Effectiveness Research." Walsh reports the patient-involved strategies for CER. He also reflects on CER's origins, and the recent work from Stanford's John Iioannidis, MD, DSc that suggests flaws in 90% of the research medical research informing medical education and clinical opinion. (Unfortunately, the integrative practice community did not seem to be present at this summit.)

September 16, 2010

Who Are We? Taylor Walsh Reports Give-and-Take as NCCAM Advisers Discuss Proposed Strategic Plan

Credit the current NCCAM administration for fostering a spirit of open dialogue and give-and-take in its National Advisory Council. Washington DC-based writer Taylor Walsh captures some of the bandying of ideas and differences of opinion exceptionally well in this report on the September 3, 2010 meeting of the NIH National Advisory Council on Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The subject could not be more important: the proposed Strategic Plan that is to guide some $650-million of NCCAM spending. Walsh focuses on the segment of the meeting in which Strategic Objective #3 ("real world research" and health-enhancing outcomes) was discussed. What will we have an opportunity to learn about the potential contributions of integrative practices? Walsh, a regular Integrator contributor, captures perspectives of advisers Steve DeKosky, Tim Birdsall, Adam Burke, Janet Kahn, Gary Curhan and Gert Bronfort, as well as those of NCCAM staff, in this well-written report on a critically important meeting.

February 23, 2010

Taylor Walsh: NCCAM's Direction Clarified in Advisory Council Meeting; Council Member Janet Kahn, PhD Responds

The strategic plan for NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine showed steps toward clarification at the February 5, 2010 meeting of the National Advisory Council. This report from Integrator columnist Taylor Walsh share's the agency's directions, plus a list of the 5 new appointees. The range of initiatives is wide, from reductive approaches to products to engaging lifestyle-change initiatives and mind-body interventions. Council member Janet Kahn, PhD reviewed Walsh's article and offers additional perspectives on the direction. Kahn calls to the practitioner community that is interested in "real world research" to utilize NCCAM's existing health services research initiative.

January 13, 2010  

Integrator Reader Suggestions for the Top 10 Events/Action and People from 2009

The annual publication of an Integrator Top 10 list always leaves room for reader submissions of their recommendations. This year brought some excellent suggestions, for both Top 10 Actions and Events and the first time, Top 10 People. From the responses, we have proved that we are well integrated into popular culture: the People list stimulated more responses. Here are the Integrator reader nominations from 2009. Included is Taylor Walsh's list " Top Health Trends That Need IM/IH Involvement."

November 21, 2009

Taylor Walsh: Institute for Integrative Health Symposium Explores Effectiveness Research for CAM/IM

This is an auspicious moment for evaluating integrative practices. The Obama-empowered comparative effectiveness research (CER) movement focuses attention on practical evaluations “to assist consumers, clinicians, purchasers, and policy makers to make informed decisions that will improve health care at both the individual and population levels.” Meantime, the new NCCAM strategic plan, if it follows Congress' mandate, will march to a similar drummer. Into this vortex steps the Institute for Integrative Health and the Center for Medical Technology Policy, led by leading NCCAM-funded researcher Brian Berman, MD and former CMWS medical director Sean Tunis, MD, respectively, to convene top scientists in CAM/IM, CER researchers and government agencies to explore the effectiveness ground. Berman calls the gathering the beginning of a process "to make evidence much more relevant, and getting to the essence of the clinical encounter.” The group will create an "Effectiveness Guidance Document" to aid IM/CAM researchers in CER study design. Taylor Walsh, a participant, files this report on the November 9, 2009 symposium.

October 6, 2009

Integrative Medicine and Integrated Healthcare Round-up: September 4-October 6, 2009

Andrew Weil, MD offers 7 point action plan on health reform, community responds ... IOM report on Summit due out in November ... 47 members of Congress send letter backing non-discrimination among provider categories ... Academic Medicine article blasts R-25 integrative medicine programs in medical schools, U Minnesota responds ... Shifting landscape for massage educational organizations ... Group to issue educational standards for Yoga therapists ... NCCAM distributes portion of its Obama stimulus funds ...  Beth Clay on controversy over trial of Gonzalez' integrative pancreatic cancer treatment ... FCER, the former spearhead for chiropractic research, ends 60 years of visionary action ... Women legislators back anti-discrimination approach toward licensed acupuncturists ... Blue Cross Blue Shield federal employees program continues to list chiropractic doctors as physicians ... Holistic nursing certification agency marks upbeat in interest ... Employer's story shows how prejudice may restrict appropriate use of workplace massage as cost-saver ... Review paper of cost-related studies of acupuncture ... Economist Herman clarifies how she selected studies used in her reported presentation on areas for cost-savings from CAM ... Members in Bravewell Collaborative show some change since 2007 ...  Ricki and Gunn big winners with $250,000 Dr. Rogers' Prize in complementary medicine ... Taylor Walsh shares his list of integrative medicine tweeters ... Unique Hawaii Consortium for Integrative Health Care selects Wong as exec ... Dana Ullman, MPH now blogging at influential HuffPo ...  Pathways to Wellness expanding, seeks new executive director ... John Scaringe, DC chosen as president of Southern California University of Health Sciences ... Tim Birdsall, ND, FABNO honored as AANP Physician of the Year.

October 2, 2009

NCCAM's 2009 Grants with Obama's Recovery Money: The List of 52 Awards Totaling $17.8-Million

Credit Integrator reader Tayor Walsh for diving into files on the Obama economic stimulus/American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) site to create this list of the 52 ARRA grants awarded by the NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2009. The first year grants totaled roughly $18-million of $32-million NCCAM will be disbursing. (The NCCAM total will ultimately be 0.39% of the $8.2-billion of ARRA funds to the NIH.) Included in this report are subjects, investigators, institutions, amounts and kind of award, plus some Integrator analysis of the types of grants awarded. Thanks Taylor.

October 19, 2008

NCCAM Research Spending 2005-2007 by Modality: What are the Big 3? Any Surprises?

Integrator reader and sometimes commentarist Taylor Walsh recently asked staff at the NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine for data on the specific amounts of grant awards for specific modalities in fiscal years 2005-2007. Walsh, the founder and CEO of Washington, D.C.-based Life Pages, shared the data with the Integrator. What do you suppose are the top 3 modalities in terms of funding? What is the percentage of NCCAM's $362-million in those years which was spent on the top three?  How does this meet your sense of priorities?

March 20, 2008

Your Forum: Comments from an MD, DC, 2 NDs, Holistic Nurse, Yoga Teacher and 2 Business Types

Karen Lawson, MD, on the value of functional medicine for opening conventional MDs to integrative practice; educator Beth Wooten Pimental, ND, on  educational issues begged by the column by Marty Rossman, MD; Linda Bark, RN, notes the absence of integral nursing in the upcoming IHPM employer conference; James Winterstein, DC, gives kudos to acupuncture physician James Saylor, AP, for comments on patient -focused care; Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO on a previous reference of Winterstein to what is properly called the "whole Megillah;" CAM entrepreneur Taylor Walsh fills out the Integrator Top 10 with an excellent post; and then, non-typical Integrator fare from adviser Michael Levin and Jessica Noggle, PhD, RYT regarding emerging research in contamination of our water supply.

February 5, 2008

Your Comments: 12 Voices on NIH Appointing, to Direct NCCAM, a Scientist Inexperienced in CAM

My open letter to Josephine Briggs, MD, who was appointed to direct the NIH NCCAM despite having virtually no experience in complementary or integrative medicine, produced a dozen, printable responses. Here are comments from Harvard Associate Professor Michael Cohen, JD, naturopathic medical leader Bruce Milliman, ND, Integrated Healthcare Policy Consortium chair Sheila Quinn, holistic medicine pioneer Bill Manahan, MD, nurse-coach Linda Bark, RN, natural product consultant Michael Levin, publicist Rhonda Benfield, Georgetown law professor Sherman Cohn, JD, Kaiser Permanente physician Lydia Segal, MD, Healing Quest TV producer Judy Brooks and some who preferred to remain anonymous. I conclude with an excellent short report from CAM entrepreneur Taylor on Briggs' comments at her first NCCAM meeting, February 1, 2008. The report and some early Briggs moves are hopeful.

September 28, 2007

Your Comments: On integrating the ABHM faculty, CAM ghettos and an argument that CAM is poised for rapid growth

Bill Manahan, MD, a former president of the American Board of Holistic Medicine (ABHM) believes it's time for the ABHM to integrate its faculty ... Bill Wulsin, ND, LAc, MPH (cand.) questions whether the arguments made in an Integrator article by author Paul Loeb (The Impossible Will Take a Little While) will convince anyone of the value of an alliance of CAM disciplines which they see as a "CAM ghetto"  ...  Integrative oncology organizer Ann Fonfa wonders at the ghetto created when separate officers were set up in the NIH ... Entrepreneur Taylor Walsh, makes a case for the complementary/integrative space being poised for lift off ...

August 24, 2007

Your Comments: 3 on Group Services/Chrysler; COCSA/AMI Partnership; Suggestions for an Integrated Asthma Pathway; and More on Hurley's Campaign Against Supplements

The story on the success of a group-focused services clinical strategy for a Chrysler employee population led by Robert Levine, PhD, for Henry Ford Health Systems (HFHS), prompted a number of responses. Lisa Rohleder, LAc, with the Community Acupuncture Network (CAN) notes of stimulating a dialogue and real-time link with Levine in the CAN Blog. The HFHS outcomes promoted Adrian Langford, who runs a patient-focused program with a Medicaid population with Alternative Medicine Integration Group, to comment on what promotes the positive patient outcomes. Taylor Walsh wondered at the use by Karlo Berger, ABT, LMT, of "collective healing" to describe some of the power of these setting ... In other notes, the COCSA-AMI relationship stimulated a note from COCSA executive director Janet Jordan ... Chris Huson, LAc opens a dialogue about a suggested integrated pathway for asthma and Rik Cederstrom, DC, responds to another attack on supplements by author Michael Hurley, this one broadcast for Medscape. And Integrator adviser Michael Levin adds a comment on the latest Hurley blast.

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