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The Integrator - Integrative Medicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine News July-Aug 2011 PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Weeks   

Issues #90-#91  - July-August 2011


Issue #91 - September 13, 2011

September 12, 2011

Integrative Medicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine Round-up #47: September 2011

American Hospital Association/Samueli Institute find growth in hospital CAM use ... Allina group shows health workers use CAM more than typical consumers ... Consumer Reports finds high use of CAM, high value for chiropractic, massage, yoga ... Dr. Rogers' Prize symposium September 23 focuses on integrative centers ... Blog strategy for business enhancement explored by Glenn Sabin via FON Therapeutics ... Significant integrative center activity noted via Google Alerts ... Naparastek on getting coverage for mind-body interventions ... Inc. 5000 fastest growing includes Standard Process, American Specialty Health, GNC, Massage Envy, others ... Alternative Medicine re-launched ... "Distinction Track" in integrative medicine approved at U Arizona ... Tai Sophia find quick uptake of Masters in Nutrition program ... Bastyr University's California campus to be near Scripps in San Diego ... Chiropractors produce white paper on their role in patient centered medical homes (PCMH) ... Work to set standards for health coaches advances ... International Association of Yoga Therapists completes "hat trick" with $30,000 NCCAM grant ...  Team led by Steven Stumph, Ed collates report on acupuncturist income and debt ... International Research Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health opens website, online program applications ... Association of Chiropractic Colleges announces March 2011 meeting ...  Tracy Gaudet, MD's's view featured in Modern Healthcare video ... Guru Sandesh Khalsa, ND selected as Boucher Institute president ... Oldest university in the West to offer CAM course with Paolo Roberti Di Sarsina, MD ... Society for Integrative Oncology seeks first executive director ... Palmer Colleges seeks 2 research faculty... More

September 7, 2011

Media Spotlights Alternative Medicine: High Use by Consumers, Higher Use by Health Professionals

Two reports this summer have given "alternative treatments" and "CAM" their most significant media attention in years. Consumer Reports surveyed 45,000 and examined use for 11 common conditions. This Integrator culls data relative to which treatments for which conditions "helped a lot" relative to prescription drugs and OTCs. Just after the Consumer Reports wave of coverage, a team linked from Allina Hospitals & Clinics, the Penny George Institute and U Minnesota reported findings of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use by healthcare workers. The authors anticipate what they discovered will have significant, positive implications for the integrative care movement. More

September 1, 2011

Fighting Above Their Weight Class: Notes from the Naturopathic Profession's 2011 AANP Convention

I spent a better part of the week of August 15, 2011 with the naturopathic profession at their annual conference and related meetings. This report includes 11 short selections including: Jeffrey Smith's anti-GMO talk; Rick Kirschner's ideas from Dr. Oz on the profession's branding strategy; perspectives from Ian Coulter and nurse anesthetist Lorraine Jordan at the Science and Policy Summit; concerns relative to perceived boundaries between the profession and the products industry; outcomes of an exemplary whole practice research project on Group Health members with Type 2 diabetes; resignation of executive director Karen Howard, the voice of the profession for a decade; Bruce Milliman and the lack of position papers from the AANP House of Delegates; winners of annual awards; Letitia Watrous and applying the therapeutic order to pharmacy hours; and a coda for naturopathic students on what the profession may bring to the nation's integrative medicine movement. More

August 31, 2011

Lessons from a Flooded Inbox: August 2011 Google Alerts for "Alternative Medicine" and "Integrative Medicine"

Toss a switch at Google Alerts and you you can witness the proliferation of integrative medicine and alternative medicine initiatives and coverage. Since August 3, 2011, Google has sent me updates for "Integrative medicine" and "alternative medicine." The results are astonishing. I include a selection of 40 links - 20 from as many hospital-based integrative clinics. The level of activity got me thinking about the optimal role for the Integrator. I include some thoughts. Thanks to adviser Glenn Sabin for teaching this troglodyte about this exceptional service. More

August 24, 2011

Honoring the Samueli Institute at 10 Years: Where Integrative Medicine Was in 2001 and Success Measures for 2021

The Samueli Institute hosts an open reception on October 4, 2011 to mark its first productive decade. The Institute, funded by Susan and Henry Samueli and led by Wayne Jonas, is the integrative medicine leader in 3 significant areas. From time-to-time I have had a chance to serve the Institute as an unpaid outside adviser. Here is a reflection, especially on the tension between exploring mechanistic science and moving real world practice. Originally named the Samueli Institute for Information Biology, the Institute played a key role on Obama's top wellness initiative. Included are the Institute's 20 Success Measures for 2021. What do you think of these measures? More  

August 28, 2011

Michael Levin and Stephen Bolles: FICO's Data Grabbing, Medical Improvement and Consumer Choice of Alternative Medicine

The stories of patients arriving at doors of integrative practitioner offices with avoidance of prescriptions as their motivation are legion. In an earlier column, Stephen Bolles, DC challenged the move of credit rating firm FICO into drug adherence monitoring in part for its failure to appreciate what may be called positive non-adherence. In this exchange, Integrator columnist Michael Levin notes the substantial estimates of harm from non-adherence. His take is friendlier toward FICO's intent. Bolles responds, and Levin replies. It's a complicated exchange in which paradigms collide. I add a couple comments. More  
August 8, 2011

UC Irvine's Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine: Research-Centered or Patient-Centered?

The Susan Samueli Center at UC Irvine is the lesser known, alongside the Samueli Institute, of the 2 major projects in integrative medicine that philanthropists Susan and Henry Samueli have backed. The Center, at UC Irvine, includes a world-leading acupuncture-cardiology research operation, education initiatives and, since 2008, an off campus integrative medicine clinic. This report on the Center is based on interviews with director John Longhurst, MD, PhD, medical director Wadie Najm, MD, MEd and associate director Laurie Macauley. The center is a microcosm of the research-centered or patient-centered duality that, for better and for worse, is at the heart of the evolution of integrative medicine. Here is a report, plus some reflections on the duality. More

Issue #90 - August 3, 2011

August 2, 2011

Integrative Medicine and Integrated Health Care Round-up #46: August 2011

PCORI seeks input on definition of patient-centered outcomes research ... Bill would allow payment for supplements under Health Savings Accounts ... NCCAM-funded team explores role of CAM practitioners in Accountable Care Organizations ... Homebirth midwives in gains with CMS ... Glenn Sabin/FON Therapeutics offer marketing white paper on integrative center marketing ... Adam Perlman chosen to head Duke Integrative Medicine ... Greenwich Hospital terminates integrative medicine program ... Cancer Treatment Centers of American approved for 4th integrative cancer hospital in Atlanta  ... Spa 4 the Pink charity links with Colorado integrative medicine center ...   Denver Nuggets coach George Karl stumps for integrative medicine ... American Holistic Medical Association renews focus on healing the healer ... Yoga therapists present draft educational standards ... Massage organization lists institutional relationships with key health care relationships ... Integrated Healthcare Policy Consortium gains new Partners in Health ... Chiropractors focus on primary care in September conference ... Midwifery accreditation group seeks executive director ... Medscape stimulates dialogue on whether "CAM is a scam" ... Medical school consortium promotes October 2011 one-day research symposium and major May 2012 conference ... Holistic Primary Care offers 3rd Heal Thy Practice conference ... In Memoriam: Konrad Kail, ND ... Edzard Ernst leaves Exeter post early ... Clem Bezold, PhD honored with lifetime award by futurist group ... ACCAHC adviser John Gilbert, PhD named to Order of Canada More

July 30, 2011

In Memoriam: Konrad Kail, ND 1949-2011

Konrad Kail, PA, ND was a leader in the re-birth of the naturopathic medical profession, and, as such, in the re-emergence of natural health care in US medical delivery. He died on July 18, 2011. Kail's appetite for leadership was immense. His roles: president of his national association; awarded in-office researcher; state licensing board chair; NIH NCCAM adviser; managed naturopathic care entrepreneur; 25-year clinician; product formulator; doctor to a national ultimate Frisbee championship team; and board chair for a naturopathic medical college. From 1990-1992, Kail was a very close colleague of mine in a critical period in my professional life. We worked hard and played hard together. Here are my own remembrances plus some links to those in Holistic Primary Care and elsewhere. More

July 26, 2011

Reader Forum: Manahan, Kahn, Foley, Winterstein, Bolles, Levin, Olejownik, Fonfa, Sabin, Rohleder, Keating

Correction: Dr. Roger Rogers after whom the Dr. Rogers Prize is named is alive ... Bill Manahan, MD on pain treatment, CAM and the IOM pain blueprint ... Janet Kahn, PhD on key Integrated Healthcare Policy Consortium language in the National Prevention Strategy ... Ann Fonfa comments on sham acupuncture in the IOM blueprint ... Jean Keating, PharmD speaks up for independent pharmacists ... Glenn Sabin offers an informed patient's view on Freedman's Atlantic article  ... Jim Winterstein, DC speaks to a value in the term "alternative medicine" ... Jennifer Olejownik, PhD on the current state of integration ... Chris Foley, MD and Stephen Bolles, DC on "patient-centered care" and "code-centered care" ... Michael Levin of Health Business Strategies on the characteristics of Primary Care 2025 ... Lon Jones, DO and Common Sense Medicine weigh in on the future of primary care ... Lisa Rohleder, LAc offers a useful rant against protective guild behavior More

July 21, 2011

National Studies Illuminate Need for Guild-Neutral Integrative Care Leaders

A recent national "blueprint" on pain from the Institute of Medicine and national "plan" for health and wellness from the National Prevention, Health Promotion and Public Health Council were not only laced with references to "complementary and alternative medicine" and integrative practice. They each describe these once outsider approaches in terms that very nearly define "patient-centered care." Now the outside is inside. This column explores the need for a new cadre of guild-neutral leaders to take advantage of the new opportunities for advancing integrative practice in the delivery system. More 

July 19, 2011

Integrator Resource: Inclusion of Integrative Health and Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the June 2011 National Prevention Strategy

The National Prevention, Health Promotion and Integrative Health Council established under the Obama-Pelosi Affordable Care Act mandated development of a whole system approach to prevention and health promotion. The law highlighted the new concept of "integrative health." Lawmakers mandated the inclusion of integrative practitioners in the Council's Advisory Group. In June 2011, the Council published the National Prevention Strategy: America's Plan for Better Health and Wellness. "Integrative health" merited a single, undefined mention. Complementary and alternative medicine was mentioned 4 times. Massage, spinal manipulation and acupuncture each were mentioned once. Zero reference was made toward any other related modalities, disciplines or systems. This Integrator Resource includes all direct references to "integrative health" and related modalities and disciplines with the location of each in the document. More

July 17, 2011

Stephen Bolles: Integrative Practice Concerns as Credit Score Firm FICO Begins Monitoring Prescription Adherence

FICO, the company that is known for monitoring credit scores, has a new line of business: creating consumer "medication adherence scores." In this article, Stephen Bolles, DC points out that what FICO may register negatively as "non-compliance" is actually a consumer's proactive choice of an alternative practitioner. Bolles expresses his dismay at FICO's reductive approach to an extremely complex issue then begins to point a way toward better clarity. He suggests the need for a "registry" of those who are non-compliant and healthier thanks to an integrative practice or practitioner. Bolles, who now heads a new initative called Consumer Health Union, is a former director of a consumer initiative for UnitedHealth. Here is Bolles' insightful article on the apparently unforeseen aspects of FICO's new business venture. More

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