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Issues #116-#118 Nov 2013-Jan 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Weeks   

The Integrator Blog - Issues #116-#118

January 4, 2014

Integrative Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Health Round-up #75: January 2014

-Chiropractors (and other licensed disciplines) make gains under Federal Employee Health Benefits via BCBS on Section 2706 "Non-Discrimination in Health Care"
-Jud Richland, MPH on the impact on the naturopathic medical profession of the BCBS FEHB decision
-The Integrator Top 10 for Policy and Action in Integrative Health and Medicine for 2013
-Is PCORI meeting its "CAM" mandate? Only one integrative health and medicine grant in recent funding announcements
-Glenn Sabin on the status of third party payment for group services
-When a Whole Practice Model is the Intervention: the leading edge Dodds/Herman research design at the U Arizona Center for Integrative Health
-Ryan Bradley, ND, MPH challenges NCCAM's dismissal of dietary supplements for people with diabetes
-A question of self esteem? Report finds just 4% of CAM studies in 2012 used "mixed methods" models
-Institute for Integrative Health receives $1-million to explore nature's effect on wounded warriors
Clinical Practices
-Janet Kahn, PhD: regarding massage therapists and the primary care workforce
-Integrative pain competencies group at UC Davis sponsors Maui conference
-From Google Alerts: Integrative Medicine in Health Systems and Around the World - December 2013
-New York Chiropractic College announces participation in two of five of the historic VA chiropractic residencies
-Chiropractic accrediting agency receives federal approval for 3 years, despite battle
Organizations and Professions
-Update: collaborative gathering of major massage organizations
-Update: massive Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine project rounds bend toward 2014 completion
-Data on A4M the evolution of "anti-aging medicine"
-Public Radio's The Search for Wellbeing focuses on integrative health and medicine contributions
-Update on the remarkable work at UTS-Austrialian Research Center in Complementary and Integrative Medicine
-Integrative psychiatrist Robert Koffman, MD granted U.S. Special Operations Command Patriot Award
-Leena Guptha, DO the new board chair for massage certification organization
-In Memoriam: Society for Integrative Oncology backer Helen Moss
-In Memoriam: integrative health consumer activist Charles B. Maclean, PhD

December 31, 2013

The Coming of the Light: The Integrator Top 10 for Policy and Action in Integrative Health and Medicine for 2013

Since 2006, on or about each winter Solstice I have saluted the coming of the light with publication of he Integrator Top 10 for the previous year. Since 2011, these have also been published via the Huffington Post. Links to past blogs are here and at the bottom of this posting. Together these chronicle eight years of policy and action in this popular movement. The 2013 iteration begins with the battle over civilizing US health care through "non discrimination" and ends with a salute to the end of year emergence of something operating under the working title of "The Academy." Between these, research surprises, some sterling appointments by individuals, advances of select professions, and some ways that individuals associated with this movements are shaping the values, practices and disciplines associated with integrative health and medicine.  This Top 10 first published here at the Huffington Post.
December 29, 2013

From Google Alerts: Integrative Medicine in Health Systems and Around the World - Dec 2013

This typically monthly Integrator feature reflects a quick capture of highlights from the multitude for links that flow in daily via Google Alerts for "integrative medicine," "complementary and alternative medicine" and "alternative medicine." While my focus is on integrative medicine in health systems (and related media), the later search term nets developments from around the world that I began to share for November 2013.  Here are 8 selections for from the integrative medicine (plus related media) and 9 international for December 2013. More

December 26, 2013

Ryan Bradley, ND, MPH Challenges NCCAM's Dismissal of Dietary Supplements for Treatment of People with Diabetes

On November 15, 2013, the NIH NCCAM issued a Clinical Digest on Type 2 Diabetes and Dietary Supplements. The conclusions are a one-two knock-out punch against the practices of virtually all integrative practitioners whether these are medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, integrative nurses or any others taking a whole person, natural health and medicine approach. First, the digest concluded: "Overall, there is not enough scientific evidence to show that any dietary supplement can help manage or prevent type 2 diabetes." Then: "There is no strong evidence that any herbal supplement can help to control diabetes or its complications." In this invited column, integrative physician Ryan Bradley, ND, MPH, a leading national authority on whole person research on people with diabetes, challenges the NCCAM position.

December 15, 2013

Integrative Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Health Round-up #74: December 2013

-WHO publishes Traditional Medicine Strategy for 2014-2023
-IHPC adds voice to chorus of coalitions opposing HR 2817 effort to maintain discrimination in health care
-Taylor Walsh on Health Affairs-AAMC Briefing: Continued non-inclusion of licensed integrative health and medicine in the workforce
-Oregon chiropractors take non-discrimination fight (Section 2706) to Governor Kitzhaber
-Washington States naturopathic doctors begin optional role as Medicaid providers
-NCCAM-funded study on EDTA chelation therapy shows compelling value for people with diabetes
-Clinic led by Dan Labriola, ND receives $560,000 Takeda grant to test naturopathic protocol for limiting adverse effects of firm's Velcade
Academic Medicine
-Entrepreneurial Maryland University of Integrative Health announces "philosophy in action" certificate plus a deal with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
-Beth Sommers: Report on Alternative and Complementary Health Practices content at the APHA 2013
-American Botanical Council blasts USA Today and BMC Medicine for falsehoods on the herb industry
-Institute for Alternative Futures, a key player in the integrative health and medicine movement, declares a new vision statement

-Column honors Bravewell Collaborative at the time of their announced "sun-setting," with an appearance by Hillary Clinton
-Robert Wood Johnson funds Kaptchuk's placebo work at Harvard
Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine enters 20th year with huge increase in reach
-Smithsonian Galleries, yoga group and GWU integrative medicine co-sponsor Medical Yoga Symposium
-Sandi Amoils, MD the president-elect of the American Medical Acupuncture Association
-Integrative pain pioneer Heather Tick, MD' Holistic Pain Relief published
-Heather Greenlee, ND, PhD, first naturopathic president of the Society for Integrative Oncology

December 15, 2013

From Google Alerts: Integrative Medicine in Health Systems and Around the World - Nov 2013

Apologies to regular Integrator readers of this typically monthly report. Other things have taken precedence, apparently. Yet I have missed the ritual of looking into what Google throws our way. I plan to continue going forward, with some changes. My alerts are for "integrative medicine," "complementary and alternative medicine" and "alternative medicine." The later nets developments from around the world, an interest stimulated by my involvement with the W.H.O. on the strategic plan. I will begin to share some of this with this issue, my first in four months. I'll start at Nov 30 and work backwards for that month.  Here are 14 mentions from the integrative medicine (plus related media) and 8 international.

December 7, 2013

Taylor Walsh on Health Affairs-AAMC & Primary Care: Licensed Integrative Disciplines Absent from Workforce Plans

Numerous whole person, integrative medicine and health professions view themselves as primary care. Millions of human beings turn to these practitioners as their primary providers of care when some things is disturbing them. Clearly. Yet in a series of organized activities in November 2013 from Health Affairs and the American Association of Medical Colleges recently devoted themselves to the topic, these disciplines were essentially absent from the discussion. Integrator columnist and integrative medicine and health consultant Taylor Walsh attending the Washington, D.C. briefing on the topic from the two entities. This is his report.

November 30, 2013

Dia de Gracias 2013: Honoring the Bravewell Legacy for Integrative Medicine

That alternative medicine is a consumer movement is well known. Less known or appreciated is how a powerful group of mainly female consumers - the Bravewell Collaborative -- shaped the movement to implant these alternatives into conventional treatment. These consumers partnered with medical doctors to promote the movement in academic medicine and health systems called "integrative medicine." This blog traces their strategic work at the time of their announced departure from the scene. Their hand-prints are all over integrative medicine's transformational work in the ensuing 14 years. This column was first published at the Huffington Post as Honoring How Powerful Consumers Known as Bravewell Implanted Integrative Medicine in the System. To engage the dialogue, comment, re-post, please go to Huffington Post piece.

November 18, 2013

Integrative Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Health Round-up #73: November 2013 Policy
-President's Planning Budget for VHA focuses on "Whole Health" for 2016-2021
-Side-note: Veteran's clinician in Washington state seeks to connect with others working to advance integrative programs in the VHA
-Coalition for Patients Rights joins chorus of practitioner organizations against maintaining discrimination in health care
-Following Washington GMO vote, Herbal Products Association calls for federal standard on voluntary disclosure
-Herbalgram looks at Obamacare's impact on those with Health Savings Accounts

-Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth issues report on naturopathic doctors as primary care providers

Insurance & Payment
-Aetna CEO Bertolini goes to bat for yoga, acupuncture, naturopathic doctors, yoga and other integrative practices
-Chiropractic policy leader Gerry Clum, DC lays out perspectives on chiropractic payment under the Affordable Care Act
-Major Hawaii insurer opens to naturopathic doctors and other licensed "CAM" practitioners
Hospitals and Health Systems
-Herb organization enters into Children's Hospital of Philadelphia dispute over banning supplements
-ABIHM to morph into international, multidisciplinary certification and political advocacy organization
-Global Spa and Wellness Summit keynoted by the Dalai Lama with Kenneth Pelletier moderating
-International Association of Yoga Therapists, American Botanical Council and Pacific Symposium hit 25 year marks

-Canadian Massage Therapy Research Fund invites submissions for $40,000 in grant awards
Academic Medicine
-University of Toronto integrative medicine program accepted into Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine
-Study reports barriers to incorporation of CAM into family medicine residencies
-Accreditation group for homeopathy opens comment period for doctoral program standards
-Midwifery Education Accreditation Council opens new website
Nurse-researcher Mary Jo Kreitzer honored with Consortium's Bravewell Distinguished Service Award

November 11, 2013

Revisiting Escape Fire: The War to Rescue Our Health

[This column was originally published here at Integrative Practitioner Online.]  The documentary Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare debuted on CNN in March of 2013 to great fanfare from the integrative health and medicine community. Here, finally, in this Sundance Films-backed project was a documentary with significant mainstream penetration that talked our talk. Integrative medicine icons Andy Weil, Dean Ornish and Wayne Jonas took the camera to articulate the transformation in our conversation about health. They were relied upon for emerging strategies. But with nearly our entire economy continuously at war with those who would create a system of health, we need a sequel that is something more like this: Escape Fire: A War Strategy to Give Health a Chance. 

October 14, 2013

Integrative Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Health Round-up #72: October 2013

-U.S. Senate offers powerful, supportive statements on naturopathic medicine in declaration of "Naturopathic Medicine Week"
-State of Oregon Health Authority creates "Integrative Medical Advisory Group"
-The Physicians Foundation reports (positively) on MD-medicine's scope campaigns against other disciplines
Charting the Mainstream
-Study puts annual deaths from regular medicine at 210,000-440,000 - the nation's 3rd largest killer
-National, multidisciplinary certification group for health coaches gains not-for-profit status
-Boston Medical Center group receives $1.6-million PCORI grant to explore group-delivered integrative medical services
-National Center for Homeopathy "re-booting" under new executive director
Natural Products
-Council for Responsible Nutrition report estimates billions saved via appropriate use of dietary supplements
-Israelson's UNPA and Bland's PLM link for exploration of dietary supplement-personalized medicine opportunities
-AAAOM declares ambitious plan for 5 pieces of federal legislation

-American Chiropractic Association House of Delegates focuses on guidelines, evidence
-Naturopathic doctors face regulatory challenges over prescription rights in Vermont, Alaska
-American Holistic Nurses plans cruise to explore the "evolution of integrative health and holistic nursing"
-Calling the Question: Is battle over non-discrimination in health care (Section 2706) rightfully spoken in the same breath as battles for people of color and women?
-Update from Dana Ullman: Indian Institute of Technology delivers compelling evidence for homeopathy/nanomedicine
-Integrative pediatrician Sunita Vorha, MD awarded 2013 $250,000 Dr. Rogers' Prize
-Integrative researcher-clinician Dugald Seely, ND chosen one of Ottawa's Top 25 People
-Horace Elliott to step down after 27 years with the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

-Disease Proof: new book from Yale integrative and preventive medicine leader David Katz, MD, MPH
-American Chiropractic Association selects James Potter as new CEO

October 4, 2013

Naturopathic Doctors Get U.S. Senate Support as Congress Declares "Naturopathic Medicine Week"

The Congressional action was symbolic.  Detractors might call it a classic political act of tossing them a bone. After all, what actual value is there in the U.S. Senate declaration of October  7-13, 2013 as "Naturopathic Medicine Week"? Yet until this month no Congressional act directly and explicitly acknowledged the existence of the naturopathic medical profession. Now here comes U.S. Senate Resolution 221, passed September 10, 2013, declaring that naturopathic medicine is "safe, effective and affordable health care." Though the field is regulated in just 16 jurisdictions, S.R 221 declares that "naturopathic physicians can help address the shortage of primary care providers."  U.S. citizens are encouraged "to learn about the role of naturopathic physicians in preventing chronic and debilitating conditions." More  This column was first published here at Integrative Practitoner Online.

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