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Issues #28 and #29 - June 2007 PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Weeks   

Issues # 28 & #29 - June 2007


June 25, 2007 mailing - Issue #29

June 25, 2007

A Sicko Forum: Integrator Readers Invited to Send Comments and Reviews of Michael Moore's New Film

The arrival of Michael Moore's documentary on the US medical system, Sicko, stimulated an Integrator reader, who saw the New York opening, to suggest that the Integrator be opened to "a few reviews from different perspectives." Good idea. Herewith, the Integrator kicks off a Sicko Forum. Send your one-liner, comment or review to Let's see what we are thinking about Moore's vision and its portrayal of the US healthcare system. Will Michael Moore be to the U.S. health care industry what author Upton Sinclair was to the Chicago meat-packing industry a century ago? Will life follow the movies? Let's have some fun with this. Send in your perspectives!  More ...

June 25, 2007

Barnes Advocates a Shift in the Nutrition Research Paradigm Toward an Industry-Academic Partnership on a Whole Systems Approach

Questions about the direction of the NIH research agenda on complementary and alternative medicine have stimulated numerous subsets of researchers to promote a significant shift from reductive to whole systems models. A similar direction and dialogue was recently stimulated inside the nutritional products industry. David Barnes, PhD, director of research and development for Standard Process, a nutritional products firm, laid out a strategy for an industry-academic partnership which would focus on both academic and policy tactics to gain release from the "dogma" of current thinking. The Integrator interviewed Barnes on his view of what we need to "overcome the industry-academia disconnect," shift some of our research priorities and take on the policy challenges. More ...

June 24, 2007

Regarding Quack-Buster Stephen Barrett, Chiropractic Leader Lou Sportelli and Covertly-Delivered AMA Papers

Newcomers to the integrated care field may be interested in two pieces of our history which were indirectly on display in a story in the Allentown Morning Call on June 13, 2007. The stories involve the American Medical Association and two individuals who lived in Allentown for decades: Stephen Barrett, MD, and Lou Sportelli, DC. The former is the anti-alternative medicine and anti-chiropractic, self-styled "quack-buster" whose semi-retirement and move from Allentown, Pennsylvania, stimulated the article in the Morning Call. The latter, quoted in the article, is a longtime chiropractic and integrated healthcare leader who for 35 years has frequently been Barrett's opponent in debates. Internal AMA documents which each of these men received have influenced the form and substance of our dialogue and efforts to appropriately integrate care. More ...

June 22, 2007

Clay Feet:  Cochrane Collaboration, High Priest of Evidence-Based Medicine, Blasted for Economic Bias in Medscape General Medicine

A recent article in Medscape General Medicine suggests that when author Dan Brown gets  tired of pulling off the veils of the Vatican he might spend a little time unwinding the political-economic machinations and special understandings that shape what the Cochane Collaboration sees fit to publish. The article, by physician-author David Cundiff, MD, is entitled "Evidence-based Medicine and the Cochrane Collaboration on Trial." Cundiff concludes: "While evidence-based medicine is absolutely essential to comprehensive healthcare reform, it has been profoundly corrupted by money." More ...

June 17, 2007

Father's Day: Reflections on My Firstborn's Homebirth as Alignment with What's Needed in Healthcare Reform

Five days before Father's Day, Morgan Martin, ND, LM, the director of the naturopathic midwifery department at Bastyr University, sent an email to her list of friends of naturopathic midwifery. My two blood children were both born at home, with ND midwives attending. Martin wished to protect natural childbirth as a part of naturopathic medical practice and solicited stories of whole person maternity care as expressed in naturopathic midwifery practice. What might the re-embrace of homebirth mean to our societal effort to reform health care by keeping people out of the sick care system? I recalled some reflections written, in 2004, while on sabbatical in Costa Rica, on both my family's experience and the role of homebirth midwives in an optimal health care system. I share this story, together with information on the campaign with which Martin is engaged. I hope you enjoy their rhythm. Happy Father's Day! More ...

June 13, 2007

Other Voice: National University of Health Sciences President James Winterstein, DC, on the Role of the Primary Care Chiropractor

The Integrator story on the primary care chiropractor underscored the irony in chiropractic about kind of integrative, whole person, natural health practice. Such practices appear to be gaining favor with the public. Witness the grown of integrative medical doctor and naturopathic practices.Yet the chiropractic whole-practice specialty societies atrophy. The irony is stronger given recent publication of data on savings from the chiropractor primary care provider HMO model developed by Alternative Medicine Integration Group. James Winterstein, DC, one of his profession's most outspoken advocates for "what used to be referred to as general chiropractic practice" offers his perspectives on this change. Despite trends, this president of the multi-disciplinary National University of Health Sciences (DC, LAc, ND, massage therapy)  announces that he's "not giving up." More ...

June 13, 2007

Your Comments: A Pot-Pouri of 10 of Your Comments on a Wide Range of Integrator Subjects

William Wulsin, ND, MPH on the potential AHNA-AHMA-AANP collaboration ... Robert Lynch, DC on efforts to unite the ICA and ACA ... Author and participant Alison Rose Levy casts light on the Donna Karan Urban Zen event ... Ryan Vos, LAc seeks information on inpatient acupuncture models like that piloted by Painovich at good Samaritan, Los Angeles  ... Young research Ather Ali, ND, MPH at the Yale Prevention Center clarifies issues for young investigators ... Jordan Van Voast, LAc expands the Community Acupuncture Network model of care into my neck of the woods ... Integrative consultant Linda Rapuano on the value of Design Principles for Healthcare Renewal in work with clients ... Former AHNA president Sonja Simpson, RN, MSN, AHN-BC thanks Benda for his column on NCCAM's new director ... Curtis Jones, PhD proposes a pathway he believes useful in whole systems care. More ...

June 7, 2007 mailing - Issue #28

June 7, 2007

More Reflections on the Legacy of Former NCCAM Director Stephen Straus, MD - 1947-2007

Since publishing some reflections of various researchers on the legacy of Stephen Straus, MD, the founding director of the NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, I have heard from three who were out of the country or unavailable when I queried them for their perspectives. Here are comments from: Christine Goertz Choate, DC, PhD, a former co-worker of Straus' inside NCCAM where she headed up health services research; David Eisenberg, MD, the director of the Osher Institute at Harvard Medical School; and William Meeker, DC, MPH, who was the principal investigator for the NCCAM's center grant on chiropractic at Palmer Chiropractic College. More ...

June 7, 2007

Research Shorts: New Investigators May Take Hit as NIH Funds Decline; Health Services a Bright Spot; Portland SPARC's Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration; NIH Stakeholders Meeting; Whole Services Research in Wikipedia

Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) researcher Lynne Shinto, ND, MPH, reports the shrinking opportunities for clinical research at the NIH. Hardest hit will be new investigators - a category which includes most of the researchers from the complementary and integrative medicine fields who have clinical experience in complementary and integrated care. The bright spot is health services research ... The nation's top multi-disciplinary, collaborative research laboratory, involving OHSU, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, Western States Chiropractic College and National College of Natural Medicine, and other Portland institutions holds its annual research meeting June 9, focusing on collaborative research .. Whole systems research is now on Wikipedia, and ready for your edits ... NIH NCCAM invites you to a June 20 Stakeholder's Dialogue. More ...

June 5, 2007

Policy Clout from an AHMA, AANP and AHNA Collaboration? The Vision of Bill Benda, MD, the Interlocking Director

In 2004, Bill Benda, MD, quietly began working to create collaboration between three organizations of healthcare professionals: the American Holistic Medical Association, the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the American Holistic Nurses Association. "The potential for communal impact is enormous," says Benda. He brought the leadership of these organization together into a retreat in 2005 and presently sits on the boards of the first two and is in an advisory position to the latter. What might these organizations accomplish together? What do you think is the very best use of this collaborative trio in advancing health care transformation? The Integrator sent Benda some queries via email. Here are his responses on his effort to create some new clout for holistic and whole person primary care. More ...
June 4, 2007

Donna Karan's New York City Event and the Future of Integrated Care: Conversation with Tai Sophia's Robert Duggan

When one thinks of the power centers in the United States, one thinks of government, finance and, well, show business. Integrated care was had seminal events associated with these centers. One thinks of the Institute of Medicine and White House Commission reports and the formation of the Bravewell Collaborative of philanthropists. This past month, the show business power center brought us a unique, invitational 10-day event. It was organized by Donna Karan as part of her Urban Zen Initiative. This article explores some ideas and directions engaged there, through an interview with participant Robert Duggan. Duggan is a co-founder of Tai Sophia and is respected as both pioneer and an out-of-the-box thinker who keeps his eye on the prize of health creation. This article is planned as a precursor to an interview with Karan on why she created the event and where the work may be headed. More ...

May 29, 2007

Integrator People: Laxton to NCBTMB, Noe's 2nd Vermont Gold Award, Burke's Sabbatical and APHA Event, Molony Honored by Chinese, Rosner Leaves FCER, Weeks on ABC and CBN Boards

The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) has brought in a skilled executive in Chris Laxton to run their national operation ...  David Molony, OMD, is the first non-Asian to be honored by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies ... The wellness program led by Bernie Noe, ND, was awarded again by Vermont Governor Jim Douglas ... Ayurvedic medicine leader Felicia Tomasko takes new role at LA Yoga magazine ... Anthony Rosner, PhD, long-time researcher with the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER) leaves under restructuring ... Integrator editor John Weeks named to boards of American Botanical Council and Code Blue Now More ...

May 24, 2007

FDA "Special Filing" Clarifies May 29 Comment Closure & Intent on CAM Guidance, Plus Action from Organizations Representing Holistic Nurses, Chiropractors and Herbal Products Industry

The Integrator was notified on May 23 that the FDA is open for responses to their Guidance on CAM document until May 29. There has been significant controversy and uncertainty about the date, originally set for April 30. The FDA's "Special Filing' clarifying this also includes some strong language in response to the overall controversy  ...  Meantime, here also are excerpts from the formal submissions from the American Holistic Nurses Association, the American Herbal Products Association and the American Association of Chiropractic Association. More ..
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