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The Integrator Blog. News, Reports and Networking for the Business, Education, Policy and Practice of Integrative Medicine, CAM and Integrated Health Care. - Issues #30-#32- July-Aug 2007
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Issues #30-#32- July-Aug 2007 PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Weeks   

Issue #30-#3- July-Aug 2007

August 30, 2007 mailing - Issue #32

August 30, 2007

Pure Blog:  Why Build a "CAM Ghetto"?

Colleagues have twice recently shared their views with me that for their complementary healthcare discipline to seek coalition with other complementary healthcare fields is little more than forming a "CAM ghetto." Better to spend a discipline's precious political capital angling for an advantage for that discipline in the mainstream system. To clarify my thinking, I contacted author-speaker Paul Loeb, an expert on citizen action, empowerment and social change, for his perspective. What do you think? More ...

August 29, 2007

ImageIntegrator Pot-Pourri: Academic Integrative Medicine, Marketplace, Business, People, Plus ...

Bravewell fellowships boost University of Arizona program ... A fall conference bridges "holistic" and "integrative" and promises certification of medical doctors in "integrative holistic medicine" ... Details on the internet-based masters in Integrative Health & Wellness at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey ... 160 massage therapists turn out for Oncology Massage Healing Summit ... Foundation led by a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist seeks to start an integrative inpatient facility in Portland ... Jacobs' work at Revolution Health now includes a regular blog ...  Natschke and Mittman receive top awards from their professional associations ... plus Mayo brings in speaker on rituals in healing, and more. More ...

August 29, 2007

Sharon Feder, founder, Lynxcare
Integrative Medicine Businesses in Patient Advocacy: The Yellow Courtyard and Lynxcare Models

Studies have found that patients with complex and life-threatening health conditions are more likely to seek out complementary and integrative services. This article focuses on two companies, Florida-based Yellow Courtyard and Colorado-based Lynxcare which were established by integrated care users to support people in these times of need with integrative, medical-records-based solutions. Both claim health value; one is increasingly focusing its business model on anticipated cost savings. Their target markets range from high-income seniors to groups and payer organizations, such as Medicaid. More ...
August 24, 2007

Minnesota family medicine, Sicko
Commentator Sue Haddow, MD
Sicko:  A Chiropractor, a Medical Doctor and a Managed Care Exec with Additional Perpectives in the Integrator Forum

Michael Moore's movie about US healthcare, Sicko, stimulates strong response across the board. This third set of comments suggests that the integrative medicine and integated healthcare community is not without its own strong opinions. We hear from Sue Haddow, MD, a Minnesota family physician with international experience who is a clinical faculty member at the University of Minnesota, from Daniel Redwood, DC, an associate professor at Cleveland Chiropractic College on potential CAM impacts; from and from Chuck Simpson, DC, a co-founder of a Portland, Oregon-based Complementary Healthcare Plans, on many of the confusions inside the discussions. Good stuff!

August 24, 2007

AOM, asthma guideline, integrated asthma care
Chris Huson, LAc
Your Comments: 3 on the Chrysler group services; COCSA/AMI partnership; case for an integrated asthma pathway and more on Hurley's campaign against supplements

The story on the success of a group-focused services clinical strategy for a Chrysler employee population led by Robert Levine, PhD, for Henry Ford Health Systems (HFHS), prompted Lisa Rohleder, LAc, with the Community Acupuncture Network (CAN) to stimulate a dialogue and real-time link with Levine in the CAN Blog. The HFHS outcomes promoted Adrian Langford, who runs a patient-focused program with a Medicaid population with Alternative Medicine Integration Group to comment on what promotes the positive patient outcomes. Taylor Walsh wonders at the use by Karlo Berger, ABT, LMT, of "collective healing" to describe some of the power of these setting ... In other notes, the COCSA-AMI relationship stimulated a note from COCSA executive director Janet Jordan ... Chris Huson, LAc opens a dialogue about a suggested integrated pathway for asthma and Rik Cederstrom , DC, responds to another attack on supplements by author Michael Hurley, this one broadcast for Medscape. More ...
August 23, 2007

ImageAre Your Services Good for Employee Health and Productivity? IHPM's Employer-Focused Conference Includes Integrative Medicine and Complementary Healthcare Track

Integrative medicine leaders have identified employers as the healthcare stakeholder, next to consumers, with the strongest alignment of economic interest with the advance of complementary and integrated health care. All aspects of that potent connection can be explored at the October 17-19 meeting of the Institute for Health and Productivity Management (IHPM). IHPM will offer a multi-segment track on Integrative/Complementary Healthcare, co-chaired by Brent Bauer, MD, integrative medicine leader with Mayo Clinic. Mayo and the International Foundation for Employee Benefit Plans are co-sponsoring the meeting. Attendees with a stake in integrated care will have a chance to deeply explore the most progressive, global thinking about an employer's investment in healthcare. Integrator adviser Ken Pelletier, PhD, MD (hc) will keynote. Check it out! More ...

August 22, 2007

Integrator Archive by Subject for January-June 2007: Academics, Insurance, Hospitals, Clinics, Personnel, Comments, Employers, Professions, Research, plus ...

All of the Integrator articles from January-June of 2007. This resource is meant to assist you in locating articles of interest. The articles and the (#) in each category are organized as follows: Academic Action/Education (10), Brief Notes, Links and Personnel Changes (4), Commentary from Readers (14), Federal/State Politics (8), Hospitals/Health Systems/Integrative Clinics (11), IAYT-Sponsored Series on the Future of Yoga Therapy (2), Insurance/Employers/Payment (8), Media Reviews & Trends (12), Natural Products (12), Professional Organizations, Other Guild Politics and Turf (19), Research (11), and Integrator News - Polls, Advisers, Sponsors, Top 10 (2). Some are listed in more than one category. This page can be accessed on the right column of the home-page. Contents may also be found through the search function on the right side of the home page. More ...

August 20, 2007

ImageWas Your Discipline Present at the NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Stakeholder Dialogue?

On June 20, 2007, the NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine held a Stakeholder Dialogue. I thought it would be interesting to do a little analysis of the attendees to see who showed up. How many from conventional medical institutions? How many from the natural healthcare institutions? Was your discipline represented in this dialogue over how the biggest money in integrative medicine is dispensed? Do you consider yourself or your discipline a "stakeholder" in NCCAM? If not, why not? Here is the chart, plus some observations. What are your perspectives on the importance of activism relative to the NCCAM agenda? More ...

August 19, 2007

FNM, Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine, integrative medicine philiosophy
Pamela Snider, ND, Executive Editor, FNM Project
Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project to Cast Light on the Basis of Integrative Medicine and Integrated Health Care

The past 20 years of the dynamic renewal of naturopathic medicine as a discipline have created a new set of pressures and opportunities for the profession. A multi-faceted Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine (FNM) Project has recently emerged, under the leadership of Pamela Snider, ND, and with participation of all of the profession's leading agencies. The focal product of the FNM Project will be the first textbook of naturopathic medicine in more than a half century, to be published by Elsevier Publications. But the two dozen editors and over 100 authors see that what is at stake here is more fundamental than a typical textbook. Through a series of retreats and written products, the FNM Project has a goal of "codifying (naturopathic) knowledge." The project may cast interesting light on the parallel emergence of integrative medicine. More ...

August 8, 2007

IMA, group visits, integrative medicine
Karlo Berger, ABT, LMT
Guest Commentary: Karlo Berger on "Collective Healing" and Chrysler's Successful Group-Oriented Services - A Call to Action

The Integrator recently published an article on the integrative pain pilot project at Chrysler led by Robert A. Levine, PhD. The pilot found that group-oriented services performing better than complementary and alternative medicine or conventional services for a chronic pain population. Reader Karlo Berger, ABT, LMT, a shiatsu therapist and founder of the Boston-area Integrative Medicine Alliance tells how the Connecticut-based Centering Pregnancy and Parenting Association has similarly used group-focused integrative services to positive effect. Berger see great potential in accessing more people with such services. He "encourages those interested in developing a for-profit, group-oriented, low-cost, replicable, community-based integrative healthcare model to communicate with each other." More ...

August 8, 2007

Integrator Archive by Subject for 2006: Academics, Insurance, Hospitals, Clinics, Personnel, Comments, Employers, Professions, Research, plus

Gathered here in one place are all of the Integrator articles from March-December of 2006. This resource is meant to assist you in locating articles of interest. The articles and the (#) in each category are organized as follows: Academic Action/Education (20), AMA Scope of Practice Partnership (7), Brief Notes, Links and Personnel Changes (13), Commentary from Readers (7), Federal Politics (15), Hospitals/Health Systems/Integrative Clinics (21), IAYT-Sponsored Series on the Future of Yoga Therapy (5), Insurance/Employers/Payment (18), Media Reviews & Trends (7), Natural Products (7), Professional Organizations, Other Guild Politics and Turf (26), Research (17), and Integrator News - Polls, Advisers, Sponsors, Top 10 (12). Some are listed in more than one category. This page can be accessed on the right column of the home-page. Contents may also be found through the search function on the right side of the home page. Coming soon: Jan-June 2007 content.  Enjoy! More ...

August 3, 2007 mailing - Issue #31

August 3, 2007

ImageIntegrator Adviser Speaks: Levin on the Impact of the FDA's GMPs on the Dietary Supplement Industry

The natural products industry in the United States has a boatload of stories of businesses started in homes and garages that grew to become dominant players. The Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) for dietary supplements document recently issued by the FDA promises to significant change the terrain. What effect will it have on the industry? Integrator adviser Michael Levin addresses this topic in Part 2 of his analysis of the cGMPs. Levin also addresses questions regarding his first article which were raised by Michael McGuffin, executive director of the American Herbal Products Association. More ...

August 2, 2007

Correction on article about AANP ... Bill Manahan, MD on CDC chief Gerberding's call for "schools of health" ... Yoga therapist/PT on integration challenges ... Susie Kidder, PhD adds observations on the legacy of former NCCAM director Straus  .... Heads up on alt-med interests of New York Lieutenant Governor David Paterson ... Annie Appleseed Project founder on the 40,000 years of research needed for the current single agent research approach to play out ... A South African member of the International Actuarial Association on the Integrator series  on the influence of coding on DC/ND practices ... Milt Hammerly, MD suggests a method for CAM/integrative practitioners to participate in the health reform dialogue ... AHMA board member Kjersten Gmeiner, MD offers kudos ... A prospective student weighs MD and ND school  ... A query-response on data on the cost of ND services ... plus more More ...

July 25, 2007

technology assessment, integrative medicine, natruopathic medicine, acupunctureProfessions and Politics: Possible AMA Scope of Practice Strategy, DCs Viewed Positively in Washington Post, DC and ND on Washington Tech Assessment Committee, Reflections on Leadership of AANP's Guiltinan, Indiana Regulates Massage, Role of Tibetan Medicine

This is an occasional look at professional action related to integrated care. A possible American Medical Association legislative strategy related to the restrictive Scope of Practice Partnership against other disciplines noted ... Work of the American Chiropractic Association supported the development of a favorable piece in the Washington Post ... Naturopathic leader Jane Guiltinan, ND, president of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians itemizes accomplishments and unfinished business in a term near to completion ... Indiana becomes the 38th state to regulate massage therapists ... Clinician and writer Eliot Tokar explores a role for Tibetan medicine in the Western world ... Washington State establishes an integrated clinical group to assess healthcare technologies and inform coverage decisions. More ...

July 24, 2007

integrative medicine, forum, SickoMore Voices on Sicko: Integrator Advisers Manahan, Sportelli and Levin, plus Reviews from Shor and Barkley

Cathy Rogers, ND, suggested a forum on Michael Moore's Sicko would provide an interesting take on perspectives in the integrated care community. One set of perspectives were already published. In this second round,m we hear from Integrator advisers Michael Levin, Bill Manahan, MD and Lou Sportelli, DC. Then Michael Shor, MPH, a business of integration expert weighs in, as does academic Geoff Barkley, LCSW, PhD. What are your thoughts?  More ...

July 24, 2007

integrative medicine, philanthropy,
Bravewell leader Christy Mack
Integrator Marketplace: Jobs, Educational Offerings, Events, Publications, Plus ...

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey has a web-based Masters in Integrative Health and Wellness. The program seeks a faculty member to run it ... Palmer Center has three top-level research openings ... Care to cross disciplines? See the Integrator list of discipline-specific annual conferences ... CodeBlueNow's Opinionaire asks you to consider trade offs as you choose a healthcare reform strategy ... The Bravewell Collaborative gala will be held November 8, 2007 and chaired by Christy and John Mack and Sherry Lund and MC-ed by Mehmet Oz, MD ... His Highness the Dalai Lama will participate in an October 20 day-long session on meditation and depression ...  Advances in Mind-Body Medicine to be published again  ... Kenneth Pelletier, mind-body pioneer, will have a series of CDs published through The Healing Mind .. Andrew Weil on Colbert, and more ... More ...

July 23, 2007

Henry Ford Health System, integrative medicine, Chrysler, alternative medicine, CAM, group visits
Researcher-clinician Robert Levine, PhD
Group-Focused Integrative Pain Program for Chrysler Employees Better than CAM or PT in Henry Ford Health System Pilots

Preliminary data from two pilots projects from the Henry Ford Health Systems (HFHS) on chronic low back pain, one involving Chrysler employees, showed significant findings. One showed that one-on-one care involving chiropractors, acupuncturists, neuromuscular therapists, hypnotherapists, massage therapists and somatic education practitioners performed better than a typical physical therapy protocol. The second, a group intervention using complementary healthcare approaches, topped the other outcomes.  The group intervention succeeded in resolving pain to zero in over 50% of the Chrysler employee participants. Chrysler has asked the program designer, HFHS's research director for complementary and integrative medicine Robert A, Levine, PhD, to start up 4 new groups this fall. When will complementary healthcare disciplines begin exploring the powerful potential for group-focused services? More ...

July 19, 2007 mailing - Issue #30

July 19, 2007

health reform, academic reform, integrative medicine, multi-disciplinary
Julie Gerberding, MD, CDC director
Radical Reform: CDC Director Calls for "Schools of Health" to Foster Collaboration and Shared Mission Among Healthcare Professions

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Julie Gerberding, MD, has stepped out of the box of the health reform debate. Gerberding believes that true reform of the US medical system requires us to establish "schools of health" in which professionals start their education together. The paradigm shift will foster cooperation and a sense of common mission. While not referring directly to the complementary and alternative professions, Gerberding's vision is deeply aligned with recommendations in a 2005 National Education Dialogue report from educators representing 12 complementary and alternative healthcare and integrative medicine disciplines. These pushes for multi-disciplinary collaboration also echo recommendations from the Institute of Medicine in its report on CAM in the United States. An Integrator reader urges a campaign to urge Gerberding to continue to promote this direction to limit turf wars wars." More ...

July 18, 2007

health professionals endorse managed care, CAM, chiropractic, joint venture, COCSAhealth professionals endorse managed care, CAM, chiropractic, joint venture, COCSACongress of Chiropractic State Associations Endorses Alternative Medicine Integration Group: Joint Venture Engaged

On July 18, 2007, the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations (COCSA) announced an endorsement of Chicago-based complementary and alternative management company Alternative Medicine Integration Group (AMI). COCSA explained their endorsement of AMI as a belief that the firm's outcomes-oriented chiropractic care management approach "is not business as usual" for managed chiropractic. COCSA asserts that AMI's approach is better for patients, practitioners and purchasers. This article takes a look at this surprising "joint venture" between a managed care firm and a national association of practitioner associations. More ...

July 17, 2007

ACCAHCNCCAM Out of Compliance with Mandated Advisory Council Make-up: IHPC and ACCAHC Urge Correction 

The Integrated Healthcare Policy Consortium (IHPC) and Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Health Care (ACCAHC) recently alerted the NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) that they are significantly out of compliance on a key Congressional mandate. NCCAM's advisory council is mandated to include among its members at least 50% who are licensed in CAM disciplines plus 3 consumer members. The current council has just 27% of its members from chiropractic, acupuncture and Oriental medicine. naturopathic medicine and massage therapy. None are consumer representatives. Since alerting top NCCAM officials of concerns about the situation, ACCAHC and IHPC have since received assurances that NCCAM will work promptly to meet the requirements of the law. More ...

July 14, 2007 - Bastille Day
After a 12 years of unsteady and politicized process, the US Food and Drug Administration last month finally issued its new Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for dietary supplements. Integrator advisor Michael Levin is making his way through the 831 pages of the GMP document. In this Part #1 filing for the Integrator, Levin reveals a strange conceptual approach to GMPs which will allow companies to make claims that sound equivalent (ie, "we follow GMPs") which actually give the consumer no information about the quality of the products. For those wishing to know more about the likely impact of the GMP on consumers and manufacturers, a September 13-14 conference led by Loren Israelsen and the United Natural Products Alliance will explore the full meaning of the new GMP. More ...

July 11, 2007

Voices on Sicko:  Review by Holistic Primary Care's Goldman, Plus Comments from Hammerly, Ballard, Diener, O'Connor

So what do people in the integrated care community think about Sicko, Michael Moore's documentary on the US medical madness? The Integrator invited your comments and reviews - and still does. Eric Goldman, the New York-based editor of Holistic Primary Care was the first to respond, thoughtfully and at length. I attach comments up front from Integrator advisor Milt Hammerly, MD, director of medical operations and integrative medicine for Catholic Health Initiatives, a multi-state health system; Tom Ballard, ND, a clinician with 25 years of practice; Marc Diener, a Hollywood lawyer and activist with the Integrated Healthcare Policy Consortium, and Kathleen O'Connor, journalist and executive director of the citizen's healthcare reform organization Code Blue Now! Then, the main course of Goldman's column, in which he compares Moore's approach to that other major recent documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Enjoy! More ...

July 11, 2007

challenges, bias, cochrane
Cochrane logo
Cochrane Collaboration's Complementary Medicine Team Responds to Challenge of Economic Bias; Cundiff Adds a Note on Conflicts

The Integrator article on a challenge of economic bias at the Cochrane Collaboration which ran in Medscape General Medicine stimulated a defense of Cochrane's policies, meant to "minimize financial conflicts," from Eric Manheimer, MD and Brian Berman, MD, who head up Cochrane's Complementary and Alternative Medicine effort. The Integrator asked David Cundiff, MD, the author of the Medscape commentary for his thoughts on the Manheimer/Berman defense, and for details on his disturbing charges of undisclosed conflicts of interest among Cochrane reviewers. Poet Walt Whitman raises questions about whether even the most heroic efforts to diminish conflicts are sufficient in a world so saturated with Big Pharma's cash infusions. More ...
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