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Issues #35-#36- Oct 2007 PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Weeks   
October 31, 2007 - Happy Halloween!

HPM, acupuncture, Ford, integrative medicine, health & productivity management, employee benefits
Walter Talamonti, MD, corporate medical director, Ford Motor Company
Acupuncture for Ford Motor Company Employees: Challenges in Mounting a Integrative Medicine Pilot Project

Ford Motor Company is offering acupuncture to a limited group of employees suffering from low back pain as part of a pilot project at their Kentucky Truck Plant. Walter Talamonti, MD, Ford's corporate medical director, has a sterling group of partners for the project. First, he developed it through the Corporate Health Improvement Project directed by Kenneth Pelletier, PhD, MD (hc). Pelletier helped him bring in a top clinical trialist for acupuncture, Brian Berman, MD, from the University of Maryland. The plan was simple enough: run 100 employees through the program then go to the NIH for a larger project. Only, as Talamonti shared with attendees of the recent conference of the Institute for Health and Productivity Management (IHPM), something is happening on the way to the forum. Linking a major employer and its unions with an academic health center in a state which did not yet license acupuncturists created some unexpected obstacles.  More ...

October 31, 2007

CAM coverage, basic benefits, Code Blue Now!, citizens, health reform
Sponsor of Iowa voter survey
Understanding the "CAM Voter" - More from the CodeBlueNow! Poll of Iowa Voters

A recent poll on health reform issues commissioned by the non-partisan organization CodeBlueNow! found that 68% of Iowa voters favored inclusion of licensed CAM practitioners in basic benefits plans. The unusual inclusion of this complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) question in a broader reform survey created an opportunity to learn more about the opinions of the pro-CAM voter. How? One can examine "cross-tabulations" of outcomes on this question with outcomes of others. For example, are these voters aligned with investment in prevention? with a stronger role for the government? with employers in the driver's seat? with for universal coverage? Thanks to CodeBlueNow! we have an initial level of informed speculation. More ...
October 26, 2007

Sherman Cohn, Georgetown Law Professor
Guest Column: Georgetown Law Professor Sherman Cohn on How Far We Have Come in Integrating Health Care

The Integrator article on the Florida Medicaid Integrative Therapies Pilot prompted Georgetown law professor Sherman Cohn, JD, to think of the many signs of the advance of integrated care, from actions of his local hospital to interest in a course he teaches to the treatment received by his grand daughter. Cohn, a former Watergate lawyer, wrote up his comments and sent them to me. As the self-appointed honorary chair of the why have we only come this far club, I find Cohn's column a good reminder. I've decided to take the afternoon off. What do you think?  More ...

October 25, 2007

Institute for Health & Proiductivity Management
Alliance with "Health Enabling" Corporations? Notes on Complementary/Integrative Medicine and the Institute for Health & Productivity Management Conference

On October 17-19, 2007, the Institute for Health & Productivity Management (IHPM) convened 465 corporate health leaders and vendors. What was precedent setting, was that the conference included a track on integrative and complementary medicine. IHPM's mission is to elevate the idea that employees should be viewed as human assets, and that health enabling activities are good for a corporation's bottom line. Anyone exploring this interest among the large employer representatives in attendance will discover that there is a culture of holistic and global practice which indicates a ripening of opportunity for natural health and integrative approaches. Here are notes and reflections from the IHPM conference about this emerging opportunity. Next chance to explore and connect: March 31-April 2, 2008. More...

October 23, 2007

Guest Column: Managed CAM Executive Adrian Langford on Relations Between the Natural  Products Industry and CAM Practitioners

A recent Integrator column by David Matteson opened a forum on the optimal relationship between the natural products industry and the practitioner organizations which represent those who use natural products in their treatment of patients. Matteson suggested that failure to more deeply ally closes off opportunities. Here, Adrian Langford probes into both the upside and downside of the potential. Langford is a 20-year managed care executive with the last decade in managing complementary and integrative health care networks. He is currently vice president for Alternative Medicine Integration Group of Florida, the firm responsible for the Medicaid pilot. More ...

October 23, 2007

James Winterstein, DC - questions about the nature of CAM inclusion in national health reform
Your Comments Forum: From an ND, a Yoga Therapist, an MD,an  RN Health Coach, 2 DCs, a Massage Educator, an Integrative Cancer Advocate and a Health Business Strategist

Reed Phillips, DC, PhD on the "CAM ghetto"  ... Michael Levin on the importance of the NCCAM cost-effectiveness initiative ... Julie Chinnock, ND, MPH on who is a "medical doctor" ... Massage educator Cathy Ayers, CMT on the new curriculum on integrated care at the Potomac Massage Research Institute ... Bill Manahan, MD, on the Medicaid pilot and the extent of savings he would anticipate from cost explorations of integrative care for other conditions ... Integrative cancer advocate Ann Fonfa, holistic health coach Linda Bark, RN on the Iowa poll results showing interest of voters in licensed CAM practitioners being included in basic benefits, plus an experience-based warning from James Winterstein, DC, on potential problems from inclusion ... Yoga therapist Janet Carpenter on why Yoga therapy is a "third path" toward health. More ...

October 22, 2007

integrative medicine, underserved, pilot, cost-effectiveness, AMI
Waiver allows acupuncture and massage pilot
Integrator Special Report: Medicaid Integrative Therapies Pilot Project in Florida - Part 1, Overview

Medicaid costs are soaring. States are hurting. Strains from pain-related conditions factor in heavily. Meantime, surging prescriptions of pain medications create new sets of adverse consequences. Can an integrated care program featuring licensed acupuncturists, massage therapists and holistically-oriented nurse managers be part of the solution? Since 2002, via legislation and a Medicaid waiver, the state of Florida has engaged an "Integrative Therapies Pilot Project" to answer these questions. Chicago-based Alternative Medicine Integration Group (AMI) won the contract. This Integrator Special Report looks at AMI's clinical integration and payment model, patient and practitioner experience, and clinical outcomes and controversies in the analysis of costs and cost-savings. Is this a model which Medicaid should widely promote? Part 1 of this 5-part exploration is an overview of issues and findings.  More ...

October 16, 2007 mailing - Issue #35

October 16, 2007

Victoria Maizes, MD, MPH
Integrative Clinics & Academic Medicine:  The Theme is Expansion - in Clinics, Integration and Clinical Services

U Connecticut becomes the 8th school in the Integrative Medicine in Residency program at the University of Arizona ... Tai Sophia Institute adds an MD to its AOM teaching clinic ... Mary Ann Wallace, MD, MA shares significant expansion in integration activity through Samaritan Health System in Corvallis, Oregon ... Oregon Health & Science University adds AOM and naturopathic medicine to create an integrative neurology clinic  ... Michigan acupuncture clinic exemplifies old-style growth of community based complementary healthcare services ... Bridget Duffy, MD, takes role as "chief experience officer" at Cleveland Clinic ... Lisa Rohleder, LAc, reports growth of the Community Acupuncture Network model of community room acupuncture services. More ...

October 16, 2007

Integrative pediatric group opens website
Integrator Potpourri: Urban Zen Update, Integrative Peds, UHC Vs Chiro Peds, NCCAM Loan Replacement, CAM EXPO Changes

Donna Karan's Urban Zen Initiative has announced next steps following their May 2007 10-day New York City integrative medicine event ... National chiropractic groups have united to oppose United Healthcare's decision to no longer cover pediatric adjustments ... Meantime, the Integrative Pediatric Council, which includes a chiropractor board member, announced its website ... Members of which disciplines are participating in the NIH NCCAM's loan repayment awards programs? Here are the answers ... CAM EXPO has changed its name to Integrative Healthcare Symposium and is about to soft-launch a community-building website, Integrative Practitioners Online.  More ...

October 16, 2007

Consultant David Matteson explores industry/practitioner relationship
Guest Column: David Matteson on the Shared Destiny of Integrative Medicine and the Natural Products Industry

How connected is the growing natural products industry and the industry that is represented by the vast expansion of complementary, alternative, integrative and holistic practitioners? Does the public separate the two? Do elected officials? Are their destinies intertwined? What is the optimal relationship between these two entities? David Matteson, a consultant and strategic thinker with deep connections in both these universes, has given a good deal of thought to the "parallel play" of these two natural health care forces. His guest column opens an Integrator dialogue on the optimal relationship between these two entities. More ...
October 15, 2007

Anne Nedrow, MD
Anne Nedrow, MD: Forging MD-DC-AOM-ND Collaboration at Oregon Health & Science University

For the last 6 years, Anne Nedrow, MD, has been at the center of the most robust, multi-disciplinary, inter-institutional complementary and integrative clinical and research action in the United States. From her Portland, Oregon base at Oregon Health & Science University, Nedrow has worked closely with leaders of that city's accredited colleges of chiropractic, naturopathic and acupuncture and Oriental medicine. In doing so, Nedrow has helped create numerous, precedent-setting relationships for members of complementary healthcare disciplines. Here is the Integrator interview with one of integrative medicine's leading integrators. More ...

October 11, 2007

University of Connecticut sponsors homeopathy program
U Conn Medical School to Host Web-Accessible Debate on Homeopathy: Is it Quackery or a Key to the Future?

 The October 25, 2007 event is entitled: A Debate: Homeopathy - Quackery or a Key to the Future of Medicine? Organizers advertise that this is the first time that such an exploration will be blessed by a medical school. The University of Connecticut Health Center is the sponsor. Content from the 6 international participants, on basic sciences, clinical sciences and historical evidence. At least one participant is on the record urging that the NIH NCCAM be shut down. The event, which will be web-accessible for viewers, will be moderated by reporters from National Public Radio. One cannot tell yet if the differences will get a full House of Commons style airing ...
More ...

October 9, 2007

Sponsors survey of Iowa voters
Iowa Health Reform Poll: 68% of Voters Want Licensed CAM Professionals Covered in Basic Benefits

A broad-ranging survey on health reform topics by the Gilmore Research Group found that 68% of voters believe basic health care benefits should include coverage for any licensed health care professionals. Licensed professionals directly noted in the survey of 601 Iowa voters were "naturopathic physicians*, acupuncturists and chiropractors." The survey was commissioned by Code Blue Now!, a national, non-partisan, not-for-profit citizen organization formed to build public consensus in health care policy. The Iowa population was strategically selected to have a maximum influence on the healthcare reform debate. More ...
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