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Issues #86-#87 - March-April 2011 PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Weeks   

Issues #86-#87 - March-April 2011

Issue #87 - May 5, 2011 (Cinco de Mayo)

May 4, 2011

Integrative Medicine and Integrated Health Care Round-up #43: May 2011

Opportunity for input on CAM/IM practices and practitioners in the future of primary care ... Brief report (assisted by Taylor Walsh) on the integrative health themes in the first Advisory Group meeting on the National Prevention and Health Promotion Strategy ... Organization on Integrative Medicine for the Underserved formed ... Somali women benefits from massage and Yoga in Seattle's Harborview Hospital ... 353,000 treatments is just one data point in co-founder Lisa Rohleder's reflection on the growth of community acupuncture ...  AMTA partners with Penny George Institute in analysis of massage in inpatient care ... Cancer Treatment Centers of America honored by Newt Gingrich ... North Dakota the 16th state to license NDs ... American Interprofessional Health Collaborative incorporates as led agent in moving interprofessional education and care ... Educators for medicine, nursing, dentistry, osteopathy, public health and pharmacy agree on competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice ... MD Anderson and Allina offer programs to educate licensed "CAM" providers to deliver in-system services ... Alliance for Massage Therapy Educators in collaboration with massage licensing boards on national CE vetting strategy ... Update on Grantmakers in Health CAM group ... International reports on CAMbrella in Europe, chiropractic education in South Africa, herbs in the UK and new networking in New Zealand ... US News declares medical schools are "embracing alternative medicine" .. Program offered to limit pollution txins from unused pharma ... Job opportunities in integrative programs at UMDNJ and Kansas ... Tracy Gaudet, MD named one of Top 26 Women in Healthcare by Modern Healthcare .. John Weeks awarded honorary doctorate by National University of Health Sciences ... More

May 3, 2011

Reader Response #1: IAF Project on CAM/Integrative Modalities/Disciplines in Primary Care in 2025 - Comment Period Extended to May 14

The Institute for Alternative Futures, led by Integrator adviser and futurist Clem Bezold, PhD, received a grant from the Kresge Foundation to forecast the future of primary care in 2025. One area of interest is the role of "CAM"/integrative modalities/disciplines in that future. The Integrator sent an alert calling for comments and perspectives based on a current "forecast #15" and a set of questions. Here are early responses from Chuck Simpson, DC, Victor Sierpina, MD, Lou Sportelli, DC, David Rakel, MD, Jim Winterstein, DC, and spa blogger Sara Firman, LMT. Responses will be accepted  by IAF until May 14, 2011. Be nice to hear from you and run a second Integrator forum on this topic. More 

April 25, 2011

ALERT: Comments Sought by May 6 for Major Forecast on the Role of Integrative and CAM Practices/Practitioners in the Future of Primary Care

Your comments are requested for a Kresge Foundation-funded study on the future of Primary Care in 2025l. The projections will be made by the Institute for Alternative Futures, led by Integrator adviser Clem Bezold, PhD. Among other topics, IAF seeks input on the types and extent of integrative practices/modalities/practitioners will be part of primary care teams and practices in 2025. Also sought is input on the roles of licensed DCs, NDs, LAcs and others such as licensed midwives who may be part of the primary care matrix. Bezold seeks qualitative and quantitative information on what are both preferred and likely forecasts for 2025. The document below includes IAF's current draft of forecasts, including #15 on CAM/IM. Respond by May 6, 2011. More

April 18, 2011

Stephen Bolles, DC Re-Writes the 8 Trends for Integration to Capture the Marketplace and Consumers

Integrative care and consumer health maven Stephen Bolles, DC found the Integrator's 8 trends favoring integration of integrative practices "accurate but incomplete." The missing ingredient in Bolles view: the consumer. In this column, Bolles first sets up his case, his soapbox as he calls it. Then he takes us through each of the 8 trends - the rise of nursing, CER, patient-centered care, interprofessional education, etc. He re-writes each through the prism of this marketplace perspective. The result is a useful reflection that not only leavens whatever value was in the initial column. Bolles' piece also releases some of the darker underside of trends that were presented, originally, with perhaps too rose-colored of glasses. Your comments? More

April 17, 2011

What We Want Will Take a Huge Effort: A Conversation with Integrative Medicine Philanthropist Ruth Westreich

Ruth Westreich assembled her own integrative team long before she became a philanthropist in integrative medicine. The former marketing professional is outspoken on what the field needs to mature into a transformational force in US health care. Westreich speaks to new kinds of collaboration. She reflects on challenges and opportunities in linking with stakeholders such as employers, pharmaceutical firms and the licensed natural healthcare professions. A Bravewell member and backer of integrative cardiologist Mimi Guarneri, MD, Westreich is excited about the opportunities for creative healing arts and the emerging Grantmakers in Health interest group relative to integrative practices. Westreich's perspectives stimulate musings on what those promoting integrative health care must do to help the field become one of the most significant social movements of our time. More


Issue #86 - April 12, 2011

April 11, 2011

Integrative Medicine and Integrated Health Care Round-up #42: April 2011

Obama appoints U Arizona IM fellow Sharon Van Horn to key prevention panel ... Brian Berman, MD and Jane Guiltinan, ND to join NCCAM Advisory Council ... Weeks' powerpoint on 2010 policy and cost developments available via Integrative Healthcare Symposium ... Aetna-Duke-Kraftsow in major yoga trial on effectiveness and cost ... Asheville, North Carolina suggesting integrative medicine for economic development ... Daniel Redwood, DC offers additional resources on cost benefits of integrative practices ... Sierra Tucson, Ted and Dr. Roberta Mann Foundation back new International Network on Integrative Mental Health ... $250,000 Dr. Rogers' Prize announces applications, September 23, 2011 set for awards dinner ... Data on the remarkable 2010 contributions of the Wake Forest integrative medicine program ... "Integration theme" presented as reason for record turnout at conference of chiropractor educators and researchers ... Bonnie Horrigan offers exceptional resource on IM fellowships in Explore ... Tai Sophia offers new nutrition MS program ... Congresswoman Carolyn Pingee (D-ME) sponsors bill to for Medicaid coverage of Certified Professional Midwives ... American Chiropractic Association priorities on health reform ... Public visibility work of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians ... Suzanne Somers' Dateline appearance shows rift between alternative cancer treatment doctors Gonzalez/Bryzynski and interviewed integrative medicine leaders ... Reiki effectiveness in health condition published ... American Botanical Council and American Herbal Products Association announce 2011 awards ... Seattle Business honors Bastyr community medicine program led by Melissa McCarty, ND ... Richard Brassard, DC selected to head Association of Chiropractic Colleges ... Integrative medical doctor Shay Pintov, MD leads Israeli delegation to help in Japan ... In Memoriam: Michele Eustache More
April 4, 2011

Reader Comments: Corey Resnick, ND, Dan Cherkin, PhD, Karen Sherman, PhD, Susan Luck, RN, J. Schwartz, MA, Mary Elaine Southard, RN 

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians board member Corey Resnick, ND, corrects a Top 10 item ... Group Health Institute researchers Daniel Cherkin, PhD, and Karen Sherman, PhD comment on the fascinating and previously unpublished qualitative finding from their quantitative LBP trials ... Susan Luck, RN, BS, MA, HNC, CCN, offers comments on essential benefits, coaching and nurses ... Jan Schwartz, MA suggests that the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Ori9ental Medicine may be behind the 8-ball on internet-based learning ... Mary Elaine Southard, RN, MSN wonders if we need a board of integrative practice to kick in the practice of integrative nursing ... More  

April 4, 2011

Columnist Taylor Walsh: March Prevention-Madness in DC and Implications for Integrative Practice

Beltway-based Integrator columnist Taylor Walsh specializes in examining policy changes with an eye on their potential meaning to integrative medicine and health care. In this column, Walsh offers a useful summary of a rash of developments as the National Prevention (and Public Health) Strategy begins to unfold. "Integrative health care" is a new concept right up front in the law behind this $16.5-billion effort. Are there explicit initiatives laid out in these plans? Walsh points to where there may be opportunity. More

March 22, 2011

Top 8 Trends in Favor of Integration of CAM and Integrative Practice Disciplines

I was a role-player in a recent workshop on practical integrative healthcare models. My job was to kick off some small group work by presenting 5-10 minutes up front on "major trends that are influencing integration." The focus was on chiropractic as the meeting was the Association of Chiropractic Colleges-Research Agenda Conference (ACC-RAC). The 8 trends I shared apply more broadly. Here are these trends, seen first from a 50,000 foot level and slowly working down toward the ground of present leadership. The power of the pattern is compelling. What trend do you think is overstated, misstated or missing? More 

March 21, 2011

Naturopathic Physician (ND) Insurance Reimbursements Rates by Code in Washington State in 2008

This article offers a chart of payment rates to naturopathic physicians by insurers in the state of Washington  in 2008. The chart is by code and by insurer for Regence (Blue Shield), Premera (Blue Cross), Uniform Medical, CIGNA, Aetna, Group Health, United Healthcare and Pacificare. Rates vary significantly. Washington has the most mature market for 3rd party inclusion of these practitioners in the insurance system following a 1995 law that required all plans to include "every category of (licensed) provider." While recognized in the state as primary care providers, individual plan recognition of their role varies. These data were gathered from various individuals in the state. More
March 17, 2011

Prejudice and Integration: Perspectives of an Academic MD, Two Chiropractic Leaders and an Anonymous ND - plus a Therapeutic Scream

While assembling reader comments, I discovered that 4 spoke to the very significant issues we face with "integration." I group them here. They begin with an anonymous medical academic speaking on the likelihood that Nutritional Medicine textbook author doctor Alan Gaby, MD will receive an academic appointment. Then, the failure of the National Prevention Strategy to include integrative perspectives led university president Jim Winterstein, DC to reflect on the challenges of leadership for those accustomed to "the back of the bus." Finally, NCMIC Group president Lou Sportelli, DC and an naturopathic doctor (who also did not wish to be on the record) each muse on why integrative medicine Fellows from the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine have trouble starting integrative medical practice. I am reminded of Liza Minelli, in Cabaret, under the train overpass. More

March 14, 2011

The Big Money in Integrative Health Care

High profile business failures a decade ago in integrative clinics like American Whole Health and Wellspace sent word to venture capital that complementary, alternative and integrative health care were zones to avoid. Yet a series of recent studies of cost outcomes from a wide variety of integrative practices point to the significant financial value in these fields. The gold is latent, in the form of cost savings. The findings suggest that the integrative practice community needs to get off the defensive about its economic merits. It's time to demand focused government investment in the public good, through a flurry of additional pilot projects that can help drive private and public investment in cost-saving models. More
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