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The Integrator Blog. News, Reports and Networking for the Business, Education, Policy and Practice of Integrative Medicine, CAM and Integrated Health Care. - Issues #96-#98 Integrative Medicine and Integrative Health News - Jan-March 2012
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Issues #96-#98 Integrative Medicine and Integrative Health News - Jan-March 2012 PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Weeks   

Integrative Medicine and Integrative Health News #96-98- January-March 2012

Integrative Medicine, Complementary Alternative Medicine and Health Round-up #54: April 2012

  • Washington State pushes to double Medicaid home births: disruptive innovation of the first order
  • New SAMHSA addictions guidelines includes CAM
  • Holistic Primary Care convenes e-forum of holistic practitioners on the ACA's individual mandate
  • Alyssa Wostrel named executive director of the Integrated Healthcare Policy Consortium
  • Duke integrative medicine moves to insurance model
  • Portland, Oregon's managed CAM business announces high patient satisfaction, suggestions of cost savings
  • Anne Nedrow, MD to leave Oregon Health Sciences to launch primary care program at Duke Integrative Medicine
  • Team care, interprofessional education and the move to give medical schools ownership of collaboration
  • National College of Natural Medicine reports the institution's $56-million contribution to Portland, Oregon economy
  • Frank Vitale's frank explanation of Tai Sophia's transition from the "academic wellness institute" toward university
  • Horse needling: LSU veterinarian school goes integrative
  • New York Chiropractic Colleges announces the Veteran's Administration's first chiropractic clinical residency
Natural Products
  • Proctor & Gamble buys herb company New Chapter
Integrative Care
  • Article suggests "integrative oncology" is often non-integrated, parallel practice
  • The (intense) home birth midwifery model of integration with other CAM fields 
  • Mayo Clinic takes alternative medicine to Mall of America
  • Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine opens oncology research center
  • Bravewell Collaborative makes November 2011 symposium talks available
  • University of Toronto awards spine professorship to chiropractor
  • Acupuncture association reaches out to secure more submissions to their professional journal
  • Short Notes on integrative care in the nation's hospital and health systems
  • Can community hospitals learn integration from the military?
  • Wallstreet Journal boosts massage as medicine and as stress reduction More

April 11, 2012

Mr. Walker Takes TEDMED to Washington

Common sense suggests that alluding to the naive politician played by Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington to describe a decision by the founder of Priceline, billionaire Jay Walker, is awfully wrong-headed.  Yet there is blunt idealism in the 46-year-old Walker's language about re-positioning the social-intellectual-scientific-policy-business venture called TEDMED to the nation's capital. The movie in which Walker is directing and acting -- "curating" is his preferred term -- is shaping up as a contradictory mix of money and mission ...  Walkers's words are music to the ears of anyone who believes that the path to meaningful reform is actually a transformation toward a health-focused system. A potent incentive structure would need to support it. This is the truly great question begged by Walker's comments -- the great ethical question for capitalist medicine. And here is where the cognitive dissonance of TEDMED's "no-agenda" screeches at high enough decibels to make a dog howl. More

March 29, 2012

Homebirth Midwives and the Hospital Goliath: Triple Aim Evidence Builds for the Disruptive Innovation of an Ancient Practice

"Midwives have a central focus in our strategic plan. We are hoping Washington State can double out-of-facility births in the next two or three years." The speaker was Jeff Thompson, M.D., MPH, chief medical officer of the state of Washington's Medicaid program. He spoke in a taped interview for Symposium 2012 -- Certified Professional Midwives and Midwifery Educators: Contributing to a New Era in Maternity Care. The gathering took place at Warrenton, Va.'s Airlie Center on March 18, 2012 ... Go here to access the article at the Huffington Post.

March 28, 2012

Report to Integrator Readers on Transitions at Year 6: With Special Thanks to Past Patrons Lou Sportelli, Richard Sarnat and Peter Amato

I published the first Integrator Blog News and Reports in March 2006. Since then: 97 issues and over 600 postings; 53 Round-ups reflecting 1060 short articles; over 3-million page views; and 3 dozen Integrator Alerts and Special Reports. From the beginning, the Integrator was produced via a partnership with three individuals whose commitment to the field provided most of the funding that allowed the work: Lou Sportelli, DC, Richard Sarnat, MD and Peter Amato. I have entered a time of transition in my professional work. This will be reflected in what Integrator readers will see going forward in the Integrator. Here is an update on what you can expect, a report on accomplishments in these 6 years, notes on new directions and a hearty thanks to those who made these six years possible. More

March 14, 2012

Our Silos are Bigger than Your Silos: Challenges of Interprofessional Education for the Licensed Complementary and Alternative Medicine Disciplines

The patient-centered move toward interprofessional education (IPE) and team care represents a terrific portal for entering closer dialogue about appropriate integration of the licensed complementary and alternative healthcare professions with conventional practice. However, the infamous health professions silos inside of large academic health centers are mere metaphor compared to those in which the licensed fields of chiropractic medicine, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and Oriental medicine, massage therapy and midwifery. This is an invited piece written for the blog-site of the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative. More

March 14, 2012

Integrator Forum: 7 Voices on Whether the Bravewell's "Integrative Medicine in America" Portrays What the Title Advertises

No one doubts whether the Bravewell Collaborative's new mapping study added useful understanding of the nation's health system-sponsored and academiac health center-sponsored integrative clinics. But do these thumbnails, reports and tables on these 29 clinics capture what the title suggests: Integrative Medicine in America: How Integrative Medicine is Being Practiced in the United States? I posed the question. Here are responses from: public health acupuncturist and researcher Beth Sommers, MPH, LAc, PhD; holistic medical doctor Bill Manahan, MD; Integrator columnist Michael Levin; rehab specialist and past American Association of Medical Acupuncturists board member Mitchell Prywess, MD; an anonymous integrative MD; National University of Health Sciences president Jim Winterstein, DC; and senior editor of the Textbook of Functional Medicine Sheila Quinn. I conclude with my own speculations on what might be different in community-based integrative medicine. More

March 12, 2012

Integrative Medicine, Complementary Alternative Medicine and Health Round-up #53: March 2012

  • Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute draft plan comment period ends March 15: No CAM-IM presently included
  • Dana Ullman, MPH: Swiss government finds homeopathy cost-effective, covers in national health plan
  • Update: Marilyn Allen and the advancing effort to place TCM in World Health Organization's ICD11 codes
Integrative Centers
  • Bravewell publishes landmark Integrative Medicine in America (but does the subject matter reflect the title?)
  • University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality and Health sets sights on "whole systems healing"
Academic Health
  • Six profession organization enters the team care/interprofessional education space: from dictatorship to oligarchy?
  • Consortium of academics in licensed fields of chiropractic, AOM, naturopathic medicine, massage and midwifery receive a breakthrough $100,000 grant from the Westreich Foundation
Costs & Coverage
  • Aetna's mind-body programs developed in partnership with Duke, Viniyoga and e-Mindful
  • Swiss analysis finds those with CAM services cost the same or less than conventional care, with higher patient satisfaction
  • Insurance coverage of alternative therapies on the rise ... for pets!
  • NCQA to "score" Vermont's naturopathic doctors in medical homes, according to report from Vermont's Lorilee Schoenbeck, ND
  • American Chiropractic Association House of Delegates chastise some chiropractors in effort to position the profession for primary care role
  • Notes from the 2010 annual report from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)
  • Effort underway to revitalize National Association of Nurse Massage Therapists
  • Foot Levelers, major donor to chiropractic PR effort, pledges additional million dollars
  • Global Advances in Health and Medicine, launched by veteran team, to focus on case reports
  • The Joint ... a chiropractic place: Massage Envy franchise model developed to offer low-cost adjustments
  • An early peer-reviewed publication in this space, Alternative Medicine Review, faces challenges
  • Kara Kelly, MD elected to presidency of Society for Integrative Oncology
  • Christine Goertz, DC, PhD honored as Chiropractor of the Year
  • Botanical resource from Roy Upton and the American Herbalist Pharmacopoeia honored by the American Botanical Council
  • Daniel Redwood, DC begins new health policy blog
March 12, 2012

Taylor Walsh Reports: Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute Reaches Out With First Funding Imminent - Comments due March 15

A draft plan is on the books for a major research initiative that many in the integrative practice community believe is potentially more aligned with whole system integrative approaches. The initiative is the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). Integrator adviser Taylor Walsh, an integrative medicine policy wonk, has been tracking this movement since it broke as "comparative effectiveness research." Walsh filed this excellently written report after PCORI's day-long hearing on its draft plan and a PCORI Board of Governors meeting on which he listed in.  I close with some ideas of key talking points. Click in  here and offer public comment. More 

March 2, 2012

Integrator Forum: Does the Landmark Report "Integrative Medicine in America" Actually Portray Integrative Medicine in America?

The publication by the Bravewell Collaborative of Integrative Medicine in America: How Integrative Medicine Is Being Practiced in Clinical Centers Across the United States proved successful in generating substantial media attention for the emerging field. Yet the report looked only at the services in 29 clinics sponsored by health systems. Most are associated with academic health centers. However, the vast majority of consumer experience of "integrative medicine in America" is through community-based practices of holistic and integrative medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, functional medicine practitioners, holistic nurses, board scope chiropractors and others. Does this report correctly represent the field? Does it misrepresent? What would be different if a report focused on community-based practices? All responses will be included in an Integrator forum. Send to More

February 22, 2012

Integrative Medicine, Complementary Alternative Medicine and Health Round-up #52: February 2012

  • In which the integrative medicine/health community, as Puer Aeternis, enters the Year of the Dragon
  • Indian Health Service includes naturopaths, acupuncturists and chiropractors in loan repayment programs
  • AAAOM leads campaign to get acupuncture listed as Essential Health Benefit
  • IHPC mounts Congressional briefing on policy discrimination against CAM institutions 
  • Alliance for Natural Health leads campaign to protect CAM-friendly Health Savings Accounts 
  • Institute of Medicine's "Living with Chronic Pain" report minimizes values of complementary and integrative approaches
  • Kazarian Foundation's $36-million Health Corps proposal for integrative medicine homecare approved via CMS Innovations program 
  • Lessons on making a Beltway impact: American Chiropractic Association's Congressional line-up on their grassroots legislative day
  • Life University's Octagon Institute to Sponsor Follow-up Policy Conference on the Affordable Care Act, April 12-14, 2012
  • Report finds NIH invests over $120-million in CAM-related cancer research 
  • Institute for Integrative Health offers workshop on research methods, March 29-April 4, Baltimore, Maryland 
  • Huge outpouring of proposals for the International Research Congress on Complementary and Integrative Medicine, May 15-18, 2012, Portland, Oregon
Integrative Centers
  • Jefferson-Myrna Brind begins integrative pediatrics program
  • Pathways to Wellness reports remarkable pattern of community and public health participation
  • True North celebrates 10th year with "Empower Me" initiative 
  • Update from holistic nursing leaders Susan Luck and Barbara Dossey on the nurse coach certification process
  • Report finds homebirth is making a comeback 
  • Acupuncture accrediting body calls for public comment on standards for new "First Professional Doctorate" 
  • Super Bowl: Chiropractors Help Patriots, Giants (and 30 other teams) "Prepare for Battle"
Academic Medicine
  • Author-clinician Peter D'Adamo, ND and University of Bridgeport establish Center for Generative Medicine
  • Brian Berman, MD joins Tai Sophia Institute Board of Trustees
  • Data points on a decade of growth in naturopathic medical education
  • International effort? Organized attacks on CAM programs in UK universities surface in Australia
  • Article by Sita Ananth in Hospitals and Health Networks synopsizes latest hospital-CAM study
  • Niemtzow leads special issue of Medical Acupuncture on acupuncture in the military
  • Kreisberg-edited special issue of the Journal of Integral Therapy and Practice on integral medicine
  • Jill's List marks deal with Massachusetts Chiropractic Society
    • AHPA's McGuffin receives Nutrition Business Journal's industry award
    • Haramati and Harazduk: Is mindfulness positioned as bridge-builder in Middle East?

February 16, 2012

New Bravewell Report a Goldmine for Those Intrigued by Integrative Medicine, Pandora's Box to Skeptics

Reading through Bravewell's report, "Integrative Medicine in America: How Integrative Medicine is Being Practiced in the United States," opens a treasure trove of riches for those intrigued by the emerging field. One wanders through one display after another on how medical directors in 29 health system-sponsored integrative medicine clinics see value in their models of care. At the same time, it was clear during the media briefing and from some responses since that this report from the Bravewell Collaborative of philanthropists in integrative medicine is not the document to convince the skeptical. Click the title or here for the rest of the article at the Huffington Post. Please comment there.

February 6, 2012

Indian Health Service Includes Licensed NDs, LAcs, DCs in Loan Repayment Program

A bit of integrative medicine history was made on January X, 2012 when the U.S. Indian Health Service (IHS) quietly announced that licensed naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists and chiropractors would be included in 2012 in the IHS' student loan repayment programs. The announcement magnetized students and recent graduates. Was this finally an end to what they view as discriminatory exclusion and a long-overdue chance to relieve their debt burden? The inclusion was immediately celebrated by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP). The AANP had targeted such inclusion as its top federal priority for the last decade. The American Chiropractic Association followed suit with a release to their own their members. Click here for the rest of the article at the Huffington Post. Please comment!

January 24, 2012

Help Wanted! IHPC Stakeholder Report Details Integrative Medicine Strategies under the Affordable Care Act

A remarkable, integrated set of 60 leaders converged in late 2010 as the Stakeholder Conference on Integrated Healthcare Reform. The group, organized by the Integrated Healthcare Policy Consortium (IHPC), explored the opportunities for integrated health care in the Affordable Care Act. Earlier this month, IHPC published the ambitious set of strategic directions. IHPC then advertised for a new executive director - the opportunity of a lifetime for the right individual. The challenge is how to take the  puer aeternis that is the integrative practice community when it come to policy - with its non-stop dreams of transforming U.S. health care and its limited commitment to lobbying - into a responsible participant in changing the nuts-and-bolts of U.S. policy. The table is set. The blueprint is in the report. Time to wake up and engage the nuts-and-bolts policy work so well laid out in this report. More
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