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Issues #110- #112 - April to June 2013 PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Weeks   

Issues #110- #112 - April to June 2013

June 8, 2013

Integrative Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Health Round-up #68: June 2013

-Commentary on non-discrimination in health care (Section 2706) urges exploration of "big honking lawsuit"

-Congressional supporters of licensed midwives and naturopathic doctors introduce legislation 
-Interview with chiropractic lobbyist John Falardeau provides look behind the curtain
Integrative Medicine
-American Board of Integrative Medicine opens application process for new medical specialty, affirms interprofessional definition
-Gaudet honors naturopathic physicians as pioneers of "integrative medicine," explains the need for integrative MDs in system change
-From Google Alerts: links to integrative medicine in health systems and communities for June 2013

Academic Medicine and Health
-Ben Kligler, MD, MPH on recent accomplishments of the Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine

-Texas Tech becomes 53rd academic health center to join the integrative medicine consortium
-"Integrative Medicine" in the names of acupuncture and Oriental medicine academic institutions
-Joint Commission to create expert panel to further develop non-pharmacological pain standards

-"Consensus" Core Competencies for Pain Management published; acupuncture the only non-conventional field invited into the room
-Samueli Institute shares a decade of research on healing and complementary and integrative approaches
-New AHA study puts hospital CAM inclusion data point 50% lower than 2010 survey
-American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM) calls for comments on its position statement on "dry needling"

-Naturopathic doctors celebrate breakthrough with state regulation in Colorado
-U.S. MERA conference brings nurse-midwives and certified professional midwives closer to a single voice
-American Chiropractic Association boasts "cultural authority" with a Vermont Blues plan
Economics & Business
-Two resources published on economic evaluation of complementary and integrative medicine

-Jill's List merges with MindBody, Jill Shah to remain with combined firm
-American Specialty Health subsidiary gains full accreditation of disease management program
-Health Forum's Kathryn Johnson joins Samueli Institute board
-Ron Glick, MD takes reins from James Lake, MD at International Network of Integrative Mental Health
-Anthony Hamm, DC re-elected  co-chair of key AMA review board

June 5, 2013

The Principle of Using the Least Invasive First: Strategic Lever for Transforming Medicine?

(This column was first published here at the Integrative Practitioner site.) The medical principle to "above all, do no harm" seems a no-brainer. It's been there since Hippocrates. What could be a more obvious guide for all participants in the provision of health care? Yet we live in a world in which virtually every pharmaceutical drug arrives attached to small print of multiple potential adverse effects.  We know since the publication of To Err is Human that over 100,000 people a year are killed from the regular practice of medicine. The principles is advanced across the integrative health fields, from massage to the new board certification in integrative medicine. Is this a lever for change. More

June 3, 2013

Non-Discrimination: A 'Big Honking Lawsuit' to Advance Integrative Medicine and Health?

This column was first published here at Huffington Post. Please click here, "like" it if you do, comment and send to your friends via Facebook or Twitter.
Major movements in the US often have lawsuits attached. The non-discrimination in healthcare law in the Affordable Care Act will come into effect on January 1, 2014. It has been compared by former Washington State Insurance Commissioner Deborah Senn to the "Every Category of Provider" law in Washington. That law created the most open and affirming environment for public access to licensed integrative health practice of acupuncturists, chiropractic doctors, naturopathic doctors, massage therapists and others. Yet those close to that scene will know that what anchored citizen rights was a brutal series of lawsuit that Senn finally won in the Ninth Circuit of Court of Appeals. Close observers of 2706 will know that the writing on the wall, from state to state, is that the Congressional intent is proving virtually meaningless in most planning. Doors are rarely opening. This column suggests that this non-discrimination may require a major social movement legal case like Roe v. Wade or Brown v. the Board of Education. There are reasons for the courts, the third branch of government. This increasingly appears to be one of them. More here at Huffington Post or here on the Integrator site.

May 13, 2013

From Google Alerts: Links to Integrative Medicine in Health Systems and Communities for June 2013

This monthly report includes 20 segments from Google Alerts on integrative medicine developments in health systems plus a half-dozen from the community for May 7, 2013-May 31, 2013. These came via requests for "integrative medicine," "integrative oncology" and "complementary and alternative medicine." Major integrative center openings in Cincinnati, Ohio and Gaithersberg, Maryland. More

May 19, 2013

Integrative Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Health Round-up #67: May 2013

-US Senator Saunders introduces bill to expand complementary and alternative medicine services in the military
-Harkin battles the Obama administration to protect prevention and public health funds
-Safe Chemicals Act of 2013 introduced by Lautenberg, Gillibrand with 27 co-sponsors: first overhaul
-European Union group CAMbrella publishes final report on legal status and regulation of CAM in Europe
Health Creation
-Institute of Medicine web-accessible  workshop includes focus on health and well-being in "transdisciplinary professionalism"
-Wisconsin's integrative medicine leader David Rakel, MD collaborates to produce free ibook called "Project Health"
-Positive whole person naturopathic cardiovascular risk study provokes editorial in Canadian Medical Association Journal
-JAMA posting on Low Back Pain suggests chiropractic, acupuncture
-May 2014 International Research Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health Announces Keynoters
-European Journal of Integrative Medicine publishes special journal on public health
Integrative Care
-From Google Alerts: Links to Integrative Medicine in Health Systems and Communities: May 2013
-Integrative Medicine for the Underserved announces July 2013 3rd annual conference
-Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) expands to include broader allied health and CAM groups as "supporting organizations"
-Update from the Medical Library Association has CAM Special Interest Group
-New program in integrative health characterized as preparing professionals for "the Great Hand-Over"
Natural Products
-National College of Natural Medicine adopts natural products quality program promoted by Emerson Ecologics
-Integrator joins large coalition supporting ABC-AHP-NCNPR Botanical Adulterants Program
Organizations & Professions
-Controversy erupts when TED drops "consciousness issues" from site
-American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine names Denise Graham as executive director, Beth Clay as lobbyist 
-Massage Therapy Foundation names Gini Ohlson as first executive director
-ABC's Blumenthal challenges New York Times on Gingko's cancer effects in lab animals
-Breakthroughs with Martin Sheen to focus on alternative therapies
-Haramati to "educate the educators" as leader of new Georgetown Center for Innovation and Leadership in Education
-Herbalist Cascade Anderson (Geller) honored in her death
-David Mercier's A Beautiful Medicine selected as a Grand Prize Winner in the 2013 Nautilus Book Awards

May 12, 2013

Positive Naturopathic Integrative Medicine Cardiovascular Risk Study Provokes Editorial in Canadian Medical Journal

[This column was first posted here at Huffington Post. Go there to like, forward via Facebook, or comment.] "Can naturopaths deliver complementary preventive medicine?" Thus ran the headline in a recent editorial a in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.  The editorial was written in reference to the publication in the same edition of a randomized clinical trial led by Dugald Seely, N.D entitled "Naturopathic medicine for the prevention of cardiovascular disease: a randomized controlled trial."  They found that individualized, whole person-oriented naturopathic care produced reduced cardiovascular risk for a group of Canadian postal workers. The study, and the editorial, illuminate both the benefits and challenges in research on any trial of a kind of care that lives up to either naturopathic medicine principles or integrative medicine principles. It also points the way to the kind of research we need to create cost savings through reformed care delivery.  More

May 6, 2013

From Google Alerts: Links to Integrative Medicine in Health Systems and Communities: May 2013

This monthly report includes 24vsegments from Google Alerts on integrative medicine developments in health systems plus a half-dozen from the community for April 1, 2013-May 6, 2013. These came via  requests for "integrative medicine," "integrative oncology" and "complementary and alternative medicine." More

April 7, 2013

Bill Manahan, MD: Priorities for Integrative Medicine/Health Should be More NDs and Health Coaches, and Evidence-based Payment

At the Integrative Healthcare Symposium in March 2013, I interviewed 8 clinicians and asked them to step out of their clinical mindsets and talk policy. Picture the roughly 1000 clinicians from diverse disciplines gathered at the conference. What do you see as the most significant policy action the group can engage to advance integrative health and medicine in the U.S. Their responses were published as Integrative Medicine Clinicians on Policy Priorities: Bland, Gahles, Hui, Kligler, Luck, Hudson, Gorman, and Jones. Bill Manahan, MD, the Minnesota-based family physician, educator and long-time leader in holistic medicine responded to a call for additional perspectives. Here are his additions to the dialogue. More

April 7, 2013

Integrative Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Health Round-up #66: April 2013

-PCORI appoints leaders from the integrative health community
-Consumer disobe
dience: Hyman urges "Eat-in" to change health and food practices in America

-Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium (IHPC) offers first in series of open webinars on the campaign for nondiscrimination
-From Google Alerts: links to integrative medicine in health systems and communities: April 2013
-Deadline approaches for submissions to first big clinical conference from academic integrative medicine group

-FON Therapeutics' Glenn Sabin offers marketing booklet for integrative centers
-University of Arizona Center considers integrative health academic program for allied health
-Temple University becomes 52nd academic health center in integrative medicine consortium

-Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) to offer online courses, degrees

-Update: Kansas University Integrative Medicine adds pediatric components
-Bastyr University partners in new line of teas with Choice Organic Teas
-Family physicians grant CMEs for MDs who watch Escape Fire; incorporating integrative medicine is among learning objectives

-Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research: 2012 Report
ligibility requirements, definition and principles for MD/DO Board Certification in Integrative Medicine
-Acupuncture accreditation body approved first professional doctorate standards

-Chiropractic association focuses on integration in new 10 year vision statement


-American Pain Foundation offers NIH/NCCAM-backed pre-conference session on complementary treatments
-American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM) votes to accept naturopathic physicians as full voting members

-Institute for Functional Medicine conference to focus on "the energy that drives our biologic activity" 
-Lou Sportelli, DC honored by chiropractic profession as Humanitaran of the Year
-Jan Bruce, former Integrative Medicine Communications and Body & Soul now with meQuilibrium

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