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Issues #113- #115 - July to Sept 2013 PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Weeks   

Issues #113- #115 - July to Sept 2013

September 10, 2013

Integrative Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Health Round-up #71: September 2013 Policy

-PARCA coalition sends letter to oppose removal of "non-discrimination" clause from the Affordable Care Act
-Integrative MD leader Delia Chiaramonte in key role in Maryland win for chiropractors on manipulating children
-Getting into the Nation's team-care movement: HRSA-funded Center opens website and invites participation
-NCCAM's Briggs calls for "more nuanced" conversation about complementary and integrative medicine in JAMA editorial
-American Journal of Medicine features positive review of integrative medicine from Sierpina and Dalen
Academic Health and Medicine
-Chiropractor Joe Brimhall, DC, elected to chair the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
-Incoming Parker University president Brian McAulay, PhD turns the ritual of investiture into a dedication to community service
Business and Economics
-American Specialty Health to move corporate headquarters to Indiana
-Former Alliance for Natural Health chair Sherri Tenpenny, DO in critical position at work with Fortune 250 firm Parker-Hannifin
-Standard Process in new engagement with the acupuncture and Oriental medicine community
-Sabin on Steps to Negotiating Integrative Medicine in Institutional Settings
-Bravewell Collaborative extends its sun-setting to 2015, declares legacy projects
-Society for Integrative Oncology publishes paper on integrating top10 supplements into cancer care
-Massage Therapy Foundation publishes free e-book on pediatric massage
-American Massage Therapy Association explains its watch-and-see role toward non-discrimination/Section 2706
-Naturopathic professional organization sponsors "Naturopathic Medicine Week," October 7-13, 2013
-Cochrane review paper boosts care from midwives: happier Moms, fewer adverse effects
Creating Health and Health Coaching
-Mayo Clinic innovation leader speak of "creating health" as medicine's goal
-Health coaching the subject of exceptional series in Global Advances in Health and Medicine
-Role of integrative nurses in health coaching featured
-Jeffrey Feldman, PhD the new director of the Wake Forest Baptist Health Center for Integrative Medicine
-Award-winning film producer Kevin Miller seeking crowd sourcing to complete Letters from Generation RX
-Georgetown's Hakima Amri, Marc Miccozi and Mones Abu-Asab team for translation of 1000 year-old  Avicenna's Medicine
publisher-editor John Weeks' commencement talk to integrative health and medicine graduates

September 7, 2013

The World You Are Entering: John Weeks' 2013 NYCC Commencement Address to Integrative Health and Medicine Graduates

[This talk was first published here at the Huffington Post.]
The following is a commencement address I was honored to deliver on Aug. 3, 2013. My audience was the graduates of the programs of Doctor of Chiropractic, Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and Master of Applied Clinical Nutrition at New York Chiropractic College/Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. The NYCC press release on the ceremony stimulated some requests to read the talk and in turn the suggestion that I make it more broadly available. I hope you find it of interest. More

September 2, 2013

Chiropractic Doctors Hit a Trifecta in Move for "Cultural Authority"

[This column was first published here at] Chiropractic doctors have always been a limbo profession. They have more recognition and inclusion in health policy and third-party payment than any of the other so-called "complementary and alternative medicine" professions with which they are sometimes lumped. Yet they have struggled mightily, internally, for years, with self-esteem and what they call "cultural authority." Evidence is afoot that a new era of recognition for doctors of chiropractic is dawning. In July 2013, the chiropractic profession hit a trifecta. The American Chiropractic Association, a persistent lobbying force in the nation's Beltway, successfully inserted a plan to expand their program with the Veterans Administration into an omnibus bill. The strategy creates a good chance of the legislation's passage. More

September 2, 2013

Beltway Battle Over Patients' Rights to Integrative Medicine and Health

[This article was first published here in the Huffington Post.] A battle inside Congress and the Executive branch over the right of patients to choose care from the types of practitioners they prefer is erupting inside the Beltway. At stake is the meaning and potential revocation of "non-discrimination in health care," Section 2706 of the Affordable Care Act. The requirement is due to become law in January 2014. Congress and the Executive, in the form of the US Health and Human Services, are sparring over congressional intent. Now seven medical specialties have backed H.R. 2817 to entirely gut the non-discrimination section. A key dimension to Section 2706 is patient access to covered services from licensed doctors of chiropractic, practitioners of acupuncture and Oriental medicine, naturopathic physicians, massage therapists, and to home births via non-nurse, certified professional midwives. More

August 1, 2013

Integrative Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Health Round-up #70: August 2013


-Harkin pushes back on HHS for broader interpretation of "non-discrimination in healthcare" (Section 2706)
-IHPC posts briefing by former Washington insurance commissioner Deborah Senn on Section 2706 (non-discrimination in healthcare)
-Kaiser Health News feature on Obamacare and alternative medicine stirs significant media interest
-Chiropractors announce positive steps toward VA residency, expansion of VA services, and an opening with Medicare
Integrative Practice

-From Google Alerts: Links to Integrative Medicine in Health Systems and Communities from July 2013
Economics and Business

Dean Ornish, MD links with Healthways to promote his pioneering integrative heart health program
-Health creation? Former CEO of Henry Ford Hospital takes over as CEO of Cancer Treatment Centers of America

-RAND group reports "considerations" from expert panel on economic analysis of complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine

-Medical tourism in Portland, Oregon? Tribune says "Global patients, wellness tourists seek out city's naturopaths"

-Chiropractic accrediting agency calls for public comments on residency standards

-CAHCIM announces Patty Wilder as new executive director, replacing Janet Polli


-Bravenet's outcomes on prospective study on integrative pain treatment

-NIH NCCAM announces David Shurtleff, PhD as new deputy director

-National association for AOM announces goals in $3-million drive to support 2013-2016 strategic plan
-Naturopathic physicians' association announced new PR message: Natural Medicine. Real Solutions

Natural Products

-United Natural Products Alliance reaches out to practitioner groups as partner organizations

-AHPA publishes second edition of Botanical Safety Handbook online


Integrative doctor Melinda Ring, MD selected one of Chicago's 100 most influential women
-Health freedom warrior Clinton Miller dies at 91
-AANP announces 2013 awards: Clark, Gazella, Anderson, Brinkman, Marinelli, Ayush Herbs

-Ethnobotanist Rosita Arvigo, DN lectures for the American Holistic Medical Association

August 31, 2013

"Doctor, Is What You Are Doing Part of the 30% that is Waste?"

I was recently part of a discussion breakout at an Institute of Medicine (IOM) meeting in which we explored the patient roles in transforming care.
As talk turned to empowering patients, I shared something I have done three times in recent years when consulting with specialists on an eye issue related to a basketball injury from 20 years ago. Treatment choices for my eye lie within a semi-elective grey-zone relative to potential surgery. My professional life had taught the horror of the IOM declaring that 30%-50% of what is done in medicine is waste, and much of it harmful. How is one to reflect that when faced with a practitioner who one may in fact like? [This column was originally published as a hard copy column in Alternative Medicine magazine. A web version on the magazine's site is here.

July 31, 2013

Team Care and the Leadership Opportunity for the New MD/DO Integrative Medicine Specialty

Tracy Gaudet, MD has spoken of the critical role of MDs/DOs as integrative medicine leaders in health system change. An international panel recently concluded that the key focus of all health professions academics is to graduate professionals via "transformative" education to create "leaders" who are "change agents." A key transformation is from guild focus to team care, from professionalism to inrerprofessionalism. Will the new Board Certification in Integrative Medicine create via this new specialty of MDs and DOs leaders for this new era urged by The Lancet? This column was first published here at More

July 29, 2013

From Google Alerts: Links to Integrative Medicine in Health Systems and Communities from July 2013

This monthly report includes 17 segments from Google Alerts on integrative medicine developments in health systems plus 12 from the community for July 6, 2013-July 28, 2013. These came via requests for "integrative medicine," "integrative oncology," "alternative medicine" and "complementary and alternative medicine." The most significant media pick-up during the month was the Kaiser Health News feature, although the focus was on the favorable "alternative medicine" rather than "integrative medicine." Here is the MedPage link, WebMD and here the Denver Post, for instance. The Bravenet publication based on a study of integrative pain was also widely picked-up (see here and here and here, for instance.) Meantime, Paul Offit, MD's anti-CAIM book continues to pick up significant media, including this in the Washington Post and this rejoinder in the LA Times from the Council for Responsible Nutrition. Highest level of links yet from practitioners of integrative medicine in the community. Notably the IM links include naturopathic doctors and practitioners of acupuncture and Oriental medicine.
July 23, 2013

Integrative Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Health Round-up #69: July 2013

-Advisory Group on Prevention urges Surgeon General to issue guidance to states on non-discrimination (2706)

-Georgetown University group's Affordable Care Act implementation check list notes 2706, non-discrimination

-Integrative health academic consortium injects health and well-being into Institute of Medicine workshop

-Senator Harkin as pitch man for the naturopathic medical profession

-Obama administration issues rules on employment-based wellness; are employers hand-cuffed?

Research & Publications
-Iris Bell, MD leads team in JAMA Internal Medicine publication on systems outcomes in integrative medicine

-NCI calls for submissions on the role of integrative medicine in cancer survivorship
Integrative Practice

-From Google Alerts: Links to Integrative Medicine in Health Systems and Communities for July 2013
-Second major pain group creates focus on integrative pain strategies

-Update: Role of Arya  Nielsen, PhD, LAc in the Joint Commission's interest in non-pharmacological approaches

Academic Medicine
-UCLAArts and Healing to offer Social Emotional Arts Certificate Program

-Washington State massage team publishes paper on massage in Essential Health Benefits 

-Hassles of midwifery customers in getting care covered featured in New York Times

-Naturopathic doctors  move into key roles in medical homes in Oregon
-Foundation for Chiropractic Progress continues to gather strength as chiropractic visibility group

Natural Products
-Cancer Treatment Centers of America reports outcomes of quality examination of dietary supplement suppliers


-Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine hosts National Student Conference in Integrative Medicine, October 26-27
-Integrative Medicine for the Underserved offers 3rd annual conference in Santa Clara

-International Research Congress for Integrative Medicine and Health now accepting session proposals
Dr. -Rogers' Prize names Irving Kirsch, MD as keynote speaker for September 26, 2013 Gala Award Dinner

-Michael Smith, PharmD, ND joins Samueli Institute team as Senior Fellow
-Integrative medicine researcher Heather Boon, PhD appointed interim dean in Toronto pharmacy department
-Joe Stiefel, MS, EdD, DC selected a 6th president of National University of Health Sciences

July 7, 2013

Exogenous Factors & Shifting Terrain: Time for Integrative Medicine and Health Leaders to Show up

This column was first posted here at Integrative Practitioner Online.

The TEDMED franchise, owned by billionaire Priceline founder, Jay Walker, favors the kind of high-tech solutions that have attracted capital to medicine in such billions over the last 60 years. One such presenter at the April 2013 TEDMED at the Lincoln Center was Jonathan Bush.  Bush, whose uncle is George W. Bush, is the founder and chair of fast-growing electronic health records company athenahealth. Bush's talk rhetorically asked: "Is it fair to profit from healthcare?"  He responded affirmatively.  In a follow-up Q&A with Walker, Bush chastised government for suppressing entrepreneurs. Walker: "Where does the revolution comes from? It doesn't come from within the medical community. It's got to come from the customers - call them patients."  Bush responded: "My sense is that all of this needs some exogenous factor to get the ball rolling." Bush's comment brought to mind a recent example of such exogenous input making a difference. This was, however, from an emerging part of the medical community that sees itself as exponents of a patient-centered movement ...

July 7, 2013

From Google Alerts: Links to Integrative Medicine in Health Systems and Communities for July 2013

This monthly report includes 28 segments from Google Alerts on integrative medicine developments in health systems plus 16 from the community for June 1, 2013-July 6, 2013. These came via requests for "integrative medicine," "integrative oncology," "alternative medicine" and "complementary and alternative medicine." A lot of negative media play this month from Paul Offit, MD's book Do You Believe in Magic? Highest level of links yet from practitioners of integrative medicine in the community. Notably the IM links include naturopathic doctors and practitioners of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. More

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